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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Gurman: Apple Headset Could Feature ‘In-Air’ Typing for Text Input, No iPhone Pairing Required

Posted on February 26, 2023, 3:35 pm
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AppleThis headset could be the first to incorporate mixed-reality technology “in-air” You can type independently and without the need for an accompaniment iPhoneAccording to BloombergMark Gurman,.

You can find the latest edition The following is a description of his “Power On” Gurman explained in his newsletter AppleA headset without a pair is likely to be required.‌iPhone‌In contrast to the original Apple Watch. You can set it up with or without an accessory‌iPhone‌ Download content from a user without iCloud. Data transfer to a user’s account‌iPhone‌ Setup will not be a mandatory requirement but an option.

“In-air typing,” AppleThis is the method for On the most recent internal prototypes, text input via eye movement and gestures is possible. It is currently enabled. “finicky,” Gurman warned by explaining that “you still may want to pair an ‌iPhone‌ to use its touch-screen keyboard… The hope within Apple is to make rapid improvements after the device is released.”

Apple It is expected that the first version will be unveiled in the near future. “Reality Pro,” The device will ship in 2023, according to the company’s announcement at WWDC. Additional headset models are also being designed by the company. for We will continue to develop this model in the future. A lower-end model is available with the same processor and display components. for Launch at the End of 2024, or 2025. Most likely in the next year. “Reality One” Name, and a second-generation Reality Pro headset.

Reality Pro’s second-generation headset is reportedly focused on performance improvement. The M2 chip will be included in the first generation model, along with a secondary one. for The AR/VR processing is not strong enough to produce graphics on the same level as VR. Apple wants. FaceTime can only allow realistic VR representations for two users at a given time. It won’t support everyone participating in conference calls with the headset of the first generation. Gurman suggested that the second-generation Reality Pro might have a version of either M3 and M4 chips to improve its graphics capabilities.

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