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Saturday, July 6, 2024

Gurman: Apple Not Working on New HomePod Mini

Posted on January 22, 2023, 2:01 pm
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Apple It is unlikely that it will work on A new version of The HomePod Mini smart speaker according to BloombergMark Gurman.

The latest issue of his “Power On” newsletterGurman said that he believed Apple Is not “actively working” on A successor to‌HomePod mini‌:

The new Full-Sized Model has Just Arrived! HomePodMany people started to ask about an upgrade for the mini model. At this stage, however, I’m not convinced. Apple Actively working on Such as the product. Latest HomePod It doesn’t have any new features that the $99 mini has, so it’s not a reason to upgrade the model. While it’d be nice to see more colors, lower prices, better sound, and mics, the most important improvements are likely to be needed. on the back end — with Siri and app integration.

It‌HomePod mini‌ was announced in October 2020 at AppleThe iPhone 12 Event. A little over half a decade later. Apple The original was discontinued HomePodYou can leave the‌HomePod mini‌ as the company’s only smart speaker until this week when Apple Relaunched full-size HomePod Form factor.

Newly reintroduced‌HomePod‌ It offers many features previously only available to members‌HomePod mini‌, including an Apple You can watch the S-series chips, an U1 ultrawideband chip and Thread support. There is also a temperature sensor and humidity sensor.

Gurman declared that August 2022 was the year of Gurman. Apple Was considering updating the version. HomePod He said that mini will be updated in the near future but did not give any details or a timeframe. The update is unlikely, he said. “super-impressive,” Changing the‌HomePod‌Although the sibling’s size would not be significant, it seems that those plans have now been abandoned.

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