February 15 SAD

(PCM) Don’t forget the flowers and hearts stuff. Valentine’s Day is yesterday’s news. Today’s news is Singles Awareness Day!

Singles Awareness Day (February 15th), was first created as a response to the celebrated saintly holiday of the previous day. As with most modern holidays, many people see Valentine’s Day It is a showcase for saccharine sweet romantic ideas to help jewelry stores and card companies as well as candy-makers.

Sure, this flowery consumerism can be a fun excuse to spoil a certain someone if you’ve got one. But the implicit message in Valentine’s DayThat “together is better”, can be another arrow through the heart for people who are alone but don’t want to be. This can sometimes be offensive to people who care. “party of one&#8221A conscious choice is called ;

According to national statistics, the single lifestyle is becoming the norm increasingly; there are more divorced or never-have-been-married adults in the United States than people currently in wedlock. The millennial generation is getting married earlier than other generations. Many are saying “no thanks&#8221 “I do&#8221• And more “let’s not&#8221 “let’s move in.”

Number of adults eligible to be included Single Not in the a “committed&#8221Census-wise, it is more difficult to find a relationship.“committed&#8221It is defined according to who? However, marriage is evolving. This is what makes this so special. Singles Awareness DayOnce a holiday of humour (“S.A.D.&#8221It is now more important than ever that ;).

So if you’re single this Valentine’s day, whether by happenstance or preference, take heart – you’re far from alone! Millions upon millions of singles celebrate February 15th by celebrating the joys of being one.

Singles are often celebrated with singles-themed events, such as singles parties, spa days and shopping sprees, or other forms of self-indulgence. Singles Awareness Day can also be fun to shower single friends with gifts or gestures of solidarity– how does a Girls Night Out sound? Many venues will offer special singles’ programs or discounts to help you make this day even more special.

Similar “V-Day”, Singles’ Day can invite you to embrace your creative, adventurous, and sensuous sides – only today, the focus is all on you.