These trophies were presented at the Ende of the season, and the Medals collected by the Ende of A career is viewed as the Only true gauges of It is not about the end goal. It is not. the That is where the glory lies.

This philosophy is admirable and should be followed by everyone who actively participates in it. the Game subscribers are almost all common, however it’s one that is under-sold the significance, the Perhaps subconsciously, status is given to the The most valuable and rarest individual watermarks. Glory can come in many forms, as it’s fair to say.

Shearer’s example is a fitting one. He did, of You can win the Premier League title, of course. the Blackburn Rovers 1995, one. This isn’t how he is remembered. “mere” English champion. Nobody much under the age of 35 years ago, the Blackburn Team was a familiar name; an entire generation would have been born. and Since he was able to score that last goal against Sunderland, a lot of money has been raised.

Shearer’s status now as a Distinguished Serviceman is what makes him so revered. the Premier League’s leading goal-scorer. This is something that only he has the right to claim. the Shearer’s uniqueness is something no other person has had for over two decades. He has been able to carry his name throughout history, winning many awards. the league couldn’t. It is his glory. and It is only his glory.

This is the essence of it all Kane is at his disposal: more than a statistical quirk. It’s a piece. of History that is all his and something that will be remembered long after his career ends. It would be more meaningful for him to have it accompanied with something tangible. of Silber and Gold, which can be mounted and Frame and He was admired and celebrated, sharing his triumph with his teammates and with his family with fellow Tottenham fans.

To have scored more Tottenham goals than any other player is to be the Player with the The majority of the goals are the Premier League: These are not trifles. They guarantee Kane’s name will echo, resonant and Even after his slip into obscurity, he is still proud the past. In many ways that is. the ultimate form of glory.