It is possible to make your dreams come true. . . Even if your dreams involve a head to-toe transformation the Jim Carrey–version of the Grinch. On Sunday, pop singer Hayley Kiyoko Photos shared by her admiring friends Grinch Costume on Instagram A video that explains her love for him, as well as an emotional one. the Christmas-stealing character.

In the photos, Kiyoko Does a spot-on impression give Carrey’s Grinch, poses in her costume and dances with Becca Tilley, her girlfriend. Becca dressed up as Martha May Who, played by Christine Baranski. the 2000 film “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”). The “For the Girls” Singer is very committed to her costumes. She even hired a professional to assist her in creating them the look. Kiyoko Tags for makeup artists Kelton Ching In her post, she thanked him for his help. Grinch Dreams can become a reality.

“HELP ME . . . IM FEELING ❤️,” She wrote. “Thank you @keltonfx for killing this and @eddieyangofficial for making it happen 🙏🏼 a dream come true.” Tilley was equally impressed the She and KiyokoThe costumes were put together by’s. She commented on the post of her girlfriend, writing: “I love you and I love being the Martha may to your grinch 🥹💚.”

Becoming the Grinch For her holiday party, it wasn’t just an idea. Kiyoko, though. At the She shared an explanation video at the end of her Instagram carousel. the “mean one” She means. “I just have to say, I grew up loving the Grinch, and I really connected to him, and my dream was to date someone like Martha May. And my dream has come true,” She said.

Tilley wasn’t quite as emotional in her postShe was impressed with her transformation and that of her girlfriend. She captioned the post. “the the the…….. THE GRINCH 💚❤️.” Meanwhile, the Celebrities of friends weigh in on the next-level plans for this couple Christmas Costumes the comments. “Awww I love you guys so much-BEST!!!” Chrishell Stause wrote. Leslie Grace added, “How?!!!!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 outstanding!” Taylor Dome Lautner made the following comment: “This is TOO GOOD.”

The moral of this holiday tale is simple: Christmas Wishes can come true, even though they are not yours. the Grinch You can do it for one day.