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HBO Max Working on App Fix for Playback Errors on Apple TV 4K Devices

Posted on November 24, 2022, 9:41 am
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HBO It is working on A fix for “can’t play title” Errors that users encountered in the HBO Max app for Apple TVAccording to The Verge.

The issue, which was widely reported By usersIt seems to be a common occurrence. on All generations‌Apple TV‌ 4K Running tvOS 16.1 and later HBO Max App version 52.50.1 released November 16.

Some users experience intermittent playback issues, but others cannot stream content. There are several workarounds available, including force quitting the app, log out, restarting the app, and reinstalling the app.‌Apple TV‌.

HBOChris Willard, SVP communications, spoke The Verge That they are aware and willing to work with others to solve the problems on An update will include a fix for this issue.

Two temporary troubleshooting suggestions are offered by HBO Max customer support include turning off HDR support (in Settings -> Video and Audio, change the Format to SDR, and disable Match Content, Match Dynamic Range, and Match Frame Rate options) and changing the resolution from 4K To 1080p or to 720p

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