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A fire According to Chinese authorities, dozens died Monday at a factory located in central China. state-mediaThe latest in a long line of fatal industrial accidents that have struck the country in recent decades is.

Henan Daily, the state-run newspaper, reported Tuesday that two people who were previously reported missing were found dead in a fire at a factory in Anyang province. This brings the death toll up to 12. 38.

Two more were being treated with minor injuries. state broadcaster CCTV reported Tuesday.

According to CCTV, police have taken unspecified numbers of suspects into custody in connection with the blaze that took firefighters seven hours to put out.

The preliminary results indicate that the fire Henan Daily reported that the incident was caused by electrical welding protocol violations, citing authorities.

China has experienced a number of industrial accidents that have claimed the lives of many people in recent years. This raises concerns about safety.

After a series explosions at Tianjin’s chemical warehouse, 173 people were killed in 2015

In a strong explosion that occurred at a Shenyang restaurant last October, at least three people died and over 30 were injured. The explosion occurred in a mixed-use residential/commercial building.

In June, at most one person was killed in the aftermath of a terrorist attack. fire At a Shanghai petrochemical plant, the fire broke out.