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The metaverse EU regulators believe that there is a potential need to shake up the company. Meta is a dominant company. metaverse Competition could be a challenge if there is too much investment. Bloomberg reported on Thursday.

The European Union antitrust chief, Margrethe Vestager, said at a conference this week that regulators are already starting to look at “what healthy competition would look like in the Metaverse,” This is Meta. the Leader in metaverse Investing could also be questioned.

Vestager maintained that planning is essential for her company. and You should be proactive because any legislation or enforcement process may be slow. the The speed of technological progress

“Sometimes we should allow ourselves to be bold, in order to be sure that we are up to the challenge,” She said.

Meta made big statements about its investments, but it has not been able to keep them in the black. the metaverse, the AI’s emergence and ChatGPT might be possible shifting CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s priorities.

$2 billion

DappRadar releases its February industry report This week was a success. NFT trading volume skyrocketed 117% month-over-month to $2 billion—the This is the first time since May that it has been at this level.

A stark contrast is the rise in trading volume. the Sales fell by 31%, indicating that even though sales were down, the NFTs had higher prices.

However the Emerging category of Bitcoin NFTs or Ordinals the Ethereum blockchain was not yet the Most popular for NFT Transactions, $1.8 billion trading volume

Much has been said on upstarts NFT marketplace Blur’s moves to take on OpenSea, the latter marketplace still dominated in February in terms of unique traders, with 317,000—227% more than Blur. Blur was still the leader in unique traders, with 317,000–227% more than Blur. the upper hand on trading volume with $1.3 billion in February, which beat out OpenSea’s $587 million.


And Other

McLaren has teamed up to creators the Tezos blockchain for a series of NFTs tied to Formula 1. Each race the McLaren lovers will be able mint one this season the Beginning with NFTs the March 5 competition in Bahrain. All winners will receive one of the three prizes, which includes a weekend race experience in 2024. and For one guest, you can have a meeting via video with Zak Brown from McLaren Racing, or receive a printed poster signed by McLaren Formula 1 Team driver.


Courtesy the Tezos Foundation

Rapper and metaverse Sam Jones, a tech entrepreneur and enthusiast of Snoop Dogg, has joined forces to launch the project. Shiller, a Web3 live broadcast platform. This app allows creators to create token-gate video and Audio, Sell e-commerce Products and Fans can also tip for their NFTs. and Give gifts to your favorite creators. It will be available in April.

Shiller was launched by Snoop Dogg.


Taco Bell married its first couple in the metaverse. A competition was launched by the restaurant chain last year to find couples interested in participating in a marriage. Decentraland, and One couple selected from San Francisco, Sheel MOHNO and Amruta Godbole is out of the The application process was completed by 300 people. While the virtual wedding occurred in another world, it included IRL traditions. the couple’s Indian heritage, including a baraat where the Mohnot groom was led to the Placement on an adorned virtual elephant

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