Sen. Raphael Warnock (D.Ga.), this week issued a simple, but effective attack ad that could prove to be devastatingly destructive Herschel WalkerHis Donald Trump-endorsed rival in U.S. Senate Race Runoff.

Warnock’s spot just featured Trump’s effusive backing of the former NFL star WalkerHe describes himself as “a great person” And “fabulous human being.”

It is “quite astonishing,” CNN’s Chris Wallace said of the ad on Friday.

“It is just playing Trump’s endorsement of Walker and clearly, the Warnock campaign feels this is, as you say, an albatross,” Don Lemon was the one he shared his thoughts with. “This is a liability for Walker, not a plus.”

Trump Republican requests to delay his 2024 announcement until after Dec. 6 ranoff were not considered. This was due to concerns that the Republican Party might vote against him. Walker’s association with the former president could jeopardize his chances and put hopes of a GOP majority in the chamber at risk. In the end, the Senate was won by Democrats.

Blame for the party’s poor performance in the 2022 midterms has been placed by many conservatives on Trump, who was defeated by many of his preferred candidates.