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This week’s Xbox Developer Direct show was poised to be precisely as boring as I thought it would be — which, to be fair, they did warn me about ahead of time. Then they had to leave and shadow-drop a new one. the most delightful games I’ve seen in a long time right in the Mitte of the show. Hi-Fi Rush Looks like the This is the type of action game I’d love to play, but then I realized how desperately I wanted it. the Instantly I grabbed it in my greedy hands. That’s the Best type of surprise — and now I want more just like it.

It was funny, but it did seem that the Another game that made a splash was Goldeneye 007. It brought its old self to Game Pass, Switch and other platforms. I tease, but it’s nice to see that an older yet iconic game can be brought to modern consoles without needing a bells-and-whistles remake. These are great! we can get them — and I’m going to devour Dead Space When I Have the chance — but nobody has the You don’t have the time nor money to do it all again.

You can also read this wistful article. Neil Druckmann said in an interview The Naughty Dog is not interested in making more Uncharted games and probably won’t make The Last of Us Part 3 either. I’m fine with the Because I was happy with the way Part 2 ended, it is likely that this will be my last choice. However, I miss Uncharted’s action and whimsy. I wanted to see where it would go with either Chloe or Nate’s daughter Cassie in the lead. Lead. is As it turns out, the dead are not so far behind. HBO just signed the show For a second season.

A personal note. I have gone from playing just one game per day to actually having fun. all This is the Games I got it all in one go. I’ve already published my review-in-progress of Forspoken — and I want to finish the Out of respect for, game and review the If nothing else, developers are essential. I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to find the Fire Emblem Engage and Dead Space are the best tools to help you do this. Hi-Fi Rush all I am constantly competing for your attention. It’s nice to be spoiled for choice.


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