Giving money to someone was once considered a bad idea. gift. If current economic conditions are any indication, these days are gone. But what about the future? best Give money. Food. Food is something we all need. It is something we all love.

Everyone has their own tastes, dietary restrictions, and allergies. and Similar. But there are more options—especially healthy ones, available for shipping nationwide, no less—than ever before.

Here are some suggestions: food stuffs, gift baskets, and meal kits You can place your holiday orders online.

Many young professionals struggle to find the time and money to create quality work. food for Oneself is not possible. You can make that much simpler (even if it’s only for A few days or a whole week? for A premium gift for your favorite graduate meal service. From Chef Daniel Humm of New York’s lauded Eleven Madison Park restaurant comes Eleven Madison Home, a plant-based meal Kit with a menu designed to be modernly prepared The Weekly Box delivery arrives at one’s doorstep a full day of plant-based meals—from breakfast, lunch, dinner snacks, and desserts—plus a curation of pantry favorites from EMP chefs. The Inspiration ethos is similar with Meatless Monday, in that it encourages diners not to eat meat but to eat plants-based only for At least one day per semaine. Every delivery is unique, and each one features a different menu that demonstrates how deliciously plant-based foods can be. food You can. Each box purchased includes a donation Rethink FoodNew York City-based non-profit dedicated to ending hunger and food inequality.

There are many smaller ways to stay healthy. and There are more affordable options for encouraging healthy eating habits and A daily wellness routine. After selling over 100 million of its daily green effervescent tablets, 8Greens is launching a new flavor: peach tea, which was designed to taste immaculately like Snapple’s popular summer beverage. Made from eight real greens—spinach, aloe vera, wheatgrass, kale, blue green algae, spirulina, chlorella, and barley grass—the “farm-to-table” This tablet has the same amount of vitamin B5 and vitamin C as 15 cups of broccoli. Vitamin C is as high as six oranges. Vitamin B6 is as good as six cups, vitamin D as seven cups, and vitamin B12 equals seven cups. and Three cups of raw peas with zinc. Drop one tablet into a large glass of ice-cold water and You can get your vitamins in large quantities for It is a beautiful day.

Eat Me Guilt Free offers what it calls a “carb-loving” meal. “better-for-you” Line of protein brownies, bread, and tortilla wraps and Cake mixes In development for two years, Eat Me Guilt Free’s new and Improved formula is lower in sugar and non-GMO and Uses modified atmosphere packaging to eliminate unnecessary preservatives It contains ingredients that were sourced from Europe, which has strict regulations. food Additives are more stringent in the U.S. The brand’s low-carb brownies and Particularly cake bars can be transported easily. for Anyone who wants a sugar rush but with less sugar on the go. These cookies give new meanings to cake for breakfast with 14 grams of protein at under 200 calories per serving.) The Variety box is a great place to start. It contains two of the six flavour profiles: peanut butter bliss, chocolate, red velvet and tuxedo. and “galaxy” (which is chocolate sprinkled with sprinkles).

In the past decade, smoothies have become increasingly popular and Green juices have become a staple of our daily lives, instead of a trendy diet. for There has been a rush to make a product easier and more affordable for many. and doesn’t require a blender. Kencko’s instant smoothies are made using a freeze drying process that locks in nutrients. and Vegetables preserved in an airtight container. When the fruit is ready to be eaten, and veggie packets becomes a smoothie instantly, with just the addition of the consumer’s desired liquid (i.e. The veggie packets can be made into a smoothie instantly by adding the desired liquid (e.g. water, juice or non-dairymilk milk). You can order a subscription or 20 boxes. Each shipment comes with a reusable shaker bottle that is easy to transport. and Kencko’s packaging is entirely compostable.

Locale is a highly curated website. food Deliveries from some of the most talked about award-winning restaurants in the nation. The delivery is what makes it stand out. Consumers can mix and Match their favourite items from their favorite vendors and Receive it all in one shipment for There is a flat $5 fee. There are many options for breakfast, including Cofax’s Los Angeles favourite breakfast burritos and Craftsman’s baked goods. and Wolves (often lauded among the best) best bakeries and cafés in San Francisco), and Carbone is a celebrity hotspot in New York City that offers pantry staples.

Mosaic Foods, direct-to-consumer Flash-frozen meal delivery service for Vegans and Vegetarians recently launched a line plant-based pizzas. Touted to be the most requested item by Mosaic customers, Mosaic’s pizza line includes seven chef-crafted flash-frozen pizzas and A 2-pack of flavorful Broccoli Crusts for DIY pizzas at home. These pizzas can be made in the oven and are gluten-free. and Take-out pizzas that are ready-to bake can be healthier. Every pizza is made with only 100% natural ingredients and Feature and Four cheese, four mushroom, and five other toppings are all globally-inspired and aloo chaat and chutney. Frozen pizzas will be delivered right to your door. and Baking takes only 20 minutes

Nearly everyone is a cheese lover at one time or another. and What could be better than a whole bunch of cheese? Northbay Creameries is the online shop for Bay Area sister brands Laura Chenel, Marin French Cheese Co., and St. Benoit Creamery—all producing locally-made, better-for-you goat and cow’s milk dairy products. Northbay offers many themed activities. gift Baskets include a build your own option for Holiday entertainment and gifting, and Prices range from $42 up to $118. You can also get free shipping via UPS for deliveries in California, Oregon, and Nevada for Purchases over $60 

Splendid Spoon has a variety of ready-to eat options, making it easy to stock up your fridge with their products. and Smoothies, soups, and grain bowls made from nutrient-dense plants and noodles. You can also choose from coconut curry rice, black bean, and dan dan noodles made with plant-based ingredients. and plantain rice (pictured), and Vegetable bolognese The Female-founded companies also have a few new ideas functional smoothies (pineapple passion fruit and blue majik), which feature superfoods such as Sea Buckthorn Berry and Blue Spirulina and Tocos provide beauty benefits, such as antioxidants, vitamins, and other nutritional value. and collagen production. 

Celebrity chef, Founder and cookbook author Pierre Thiam, Yolélé launched this fall with a special line of African-inspired spice rubs, which will be available in gifting packages just in time for the holiday season—perfect for Home cooks. This is for the beginner chef who wants to try new cuisines. the Fonio Starter Pack This is a great introduction to cooking with the West African grain, Fonio. It can also be used as a base. for grain bowls, pastries, and more. The gift Set includes 1 bag of classic Fonio and 1 bag of Fonio flour for baking, and A signed copy The Fonio Cookbook Chef Thiam

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