London Home secretary Suella Braverman Is said to Be on collision course with UK education over future plans to cut The period stay Allows for students from abroad to apply under the a post-study visa route was reported by media on Wednesday.
Graduate Visa is a route that allows Indian graduates, including foreigners, to apply for a visa. to stay to Job search and work experience to improve your skills to It is possible to work for two years with no job offers. to Be cut Braverman’s review proposal.
According to The Times newspaper is the Indian-origin publication secretary A plan has been drawn up to “reform” Students are required to apply for the Graduate Visa Route to Get a job visa After six months, you can leave the UK to find a better job. This paper is refers to Unsolicited advice to According to the UK’s department for education (DfE), they have attempted to to Because they believe it will harm Britain’s appeal, the UK is refusing to accept the proposed changes to foreign students.
Braverman’s plan is supported by a government source. He said that students taking short courses were increasingly using the Graduate Visa. “less respectable universities”. “It’s being used as a backdoor immigration route,” The source said that the quote was provided by the paper. According to government data, Indians outnumbered Chinese last year as the largest group of international students. The Graduate Visa route was also dominated by Indians, accounting for 41%.
Braverman’s plan was one of many that PM Rishi Sunak drafted after he questioned the DfE and home office. to Make proposals to decrease the numbers of students from abroad to UK. Last week, figures showed that there were 6,80,000 international students in The UK. pti