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Tuesday, June 11, 2024

HomePod Mini Available to Order in Finland, Norway, and Sweden

Posted on December 09, 2022, 2:27 pm
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Apple accepts orders for the HomePod Mini in Finland, Norway, and Sweden You can find the smart speaker online. The smart speaker can be ordered online. in Space gray, white and blue. and yellow and It is estimated that delivery will take approximately 4-6 weeks. in 4-6 business days in Each country.

HomePod mini pricing is set at €109 in Finland, 1,249 Kr in Norway, and 1,295 kr in SwedenComparative study to $99 in The United States.

Apple has previously stated that the HomePod Mini would be available in These countries will be open for business starting December 13 and Orders can be placed in advance. Apple stated the HomePod Mini will also be offered in South Africa starting December 19 and in Denmark in the next year

Apple released the first version of the HomePod Mini in The U.S. and Other countries may be available in November 2020. Siri can be used by the smart speaker for listening to Music, HomeKit smart home accessories control, setting a timer. and Other tasks. The device has not seen any hardware updates since its launch two years ago.

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