The police stated that Babudar had stolen spoon holders from Target and snack bags. They also claimed that he once switched curtain rod price tags and tried to return the curtains for their full value. His arrest warrants are still in effect. in Both cases. He pleaded guilty also to smaller offenses in Missouri and Kansas. For driving while intoxicated, he received a $300 fine from Champlin (Minn.). a license.

His license plates said “KCC4EVR.”

Babudar was more than a Several dozen encounters with the police did not lead to a result in arrest.

Minimum eight times in The police in 2016 and 2017 in Overland Park (Kan.) a Babudar lived in a Kansas City suburb. Babudar was found in the majority of cases. in a Late at night, he parked his car in the garage with his brother and mother. a The business owner was concerned about their presence. They also used other methods. a Even though guests were not in the hotel, they could still use the lobby or swimming pool.

According to police records, Xaviar was described by The Times as a “jumper” Who “floats from hotel to hotel.” Babudars can be found in “known homeless subjects” “known to do auto burglaries at night,” However, none of these Babudars were ever convicted. in Kansas for auto burglary.

There are dozens upon dozens of police reports and court documents. a The Babudars only listed one address for the decade. a Drop box in a Mail & Copy Plus office in Overland Park

Many of Babudar’s encounters with the police happened when he said online that he was attending Kansas State University, a Two-hour drive to Kansas City in Manhattan, Kan. The university said it had no record of Babudar’s ever attending.

Sometimes in late 2017 and into 2018, Babudar’s fortunes seem to have changed. The company said that he spent nine months working at Amazon’s warehouse. He also had a lot less contact with the police, which led to his arrests. He was quickly identified as Chiefsaholic. His first appearance on Instagram was in 2013. in August 2018 posting a The meme that involves SpongeBob SquarePants. He was able to see the rest of his team for the first-time in the next month. posted a photograph in The wolf costume