Mikal Bridges was transferred from the Phoenix Suns into the Nets in February. He had to be part of his new team immediately, without first stopping in Arizona.

So it fell to Cameron Payne, one of Bridges’s close friends on the Suns, to break the news to their dogs, who are best pals, or so their owners say. This was the moment. for Show compassion and candor, and Both were brought by Payne.

Bridges’s dog, Sonny, is a yellow Labrador retriever. Payne’s dog, Uno, is a French bulldog, 25 pounds They were lazing around Bridges’s house in Phoenix when Payne approached them. His comments were directed primarily at Sonny, who would have his routine most disturbed.

“Man,” Payne remembered telling the dog. “Uno’s staying, and, Sonny, I think you’re leaving.”

Sonny and Uno appeared to be considering this or maybe he didn’t know what was happening.

Sonny was told by Payne that “Mikal said he wanted you out there. Mikal’s leaving. He got traded.”

He attempted to comfort the dog. “You and Uno are still going to be best friends forever.”

“He looked at me crazy,” Payne was remembered. “It just made me laugh. I was like, they really humans for real. They know exactly what we’re saying.”

Kevin Durant, who was acquired by the Suns in a trade, transformed them into title contenders. and Offer a Professional upside for Bridges, you will need a Nets play a larger role.

N.B.A. trades are not easy. Players often form close friendships while spending long hours on the court together. and On the road. Bridges and Payne and his neighbor lived in Phoenix. They hung out at one another’s homes. They spoke about their daily schedules. and The best insoles for shoes and What they saw on Instagram.

So when Bridges was traded away on Feb. 9 while the Suns were in Atlanta, Payne went straight to his friend’s hotel room and We said goodbye.

“I’m just going to miss just the funniness, the icebreaker making everything cool, always having a good time,” Payne made the following statement about Bridges. “Always smiling and stuff. Those type of things I’m going to miss. He always made every day at work happy.”

They were also bonded by their two best friends. a love of dogs — Sonny and Uno’s relationship included car rides and Toys vs. tussles and It was also documented on Instagram.

It is possible to break these friendships, but not quite. a tragedy — Bridges and Payne are young millionaires who admit to spoiling their dogs — it gives a A glimpse at how intimate it is and It is amazing how important the sport business can be.

Bridges, 26 years old, hails Philadelphia. a First-round draft pick, after Villanova won two N.C.A.A.A. championships. championships. These are also known as a Strong defender, he will be earning $21 Million this year. Self-described “A self-described “people person,” He was a good man. a lot of friends on the Suns — “I’m going to miss them so much,” He laughed. However, he quickly made friends with the Nets.

Sonny is 7 and barks when he wants to play with someone, has been in Bridges’s family since his sophomore year of college, mostly staying with Bridges’s mother. Sonny moved in with Bridges during the 2020-21 season. for It was to have been two weeks. He never left.

Bridges was a Phoenix resident. a Sonny was often walked by a friend before Bridges got out. One of Sonny’s favorite tricks was to wait until Bridges got up, pretend he’d been neglected and Beg to be taken out once more.

“He thinks he can outsmart humans,” Bridges said. “I watch him from a distance and I’m like, ‘Look at him trying to be so sneaky.’”

Payne (28 years old) was also a First-round draft selection, but he moved around in lesser leagues before finding his way. a In 2020, home will be with the Suns. Also known as a High-energy, high-energy guard. He plays an important role in Phoenix.

Payne had Uno who is now 4 and He loves to run, and was born that way. a Puppy and That’s where he goes most often. He took Uno to a Spiel a He was playing a few years back. for The Texas Legends a G-League team. Uno was seated near the bench and Payne achieved his first ever triple-double and His happiness was reflected in the fact that he “son” It was.

Payne prepares to depart for Uno loves to travel with Payne and sits beside his bag on long road trips. He has, in the past, sat inside Payne’s girlfriend’s travel bag, presumably to prevent her from leaving without him.

Bridges and Payne and I started playing on the Suns together in 2020. Their dogs didn’t make them friends as quickly. Sonny and Uno and Uno initially were cautious of one another. and Both dogs were happy when their owners paid more attention to them.

Sonny was even jealous that Payne didn’t pay attention to Sonny, his dog. Bridges seemed confused. “It’s like, ‘Bro, that’s not even — why are you jealous, man?’”

With time, tensions are lessened and You will get more time with each other. Suns players and Their dogs enjoyed hanging out in the team practice area and Devin Booker’s home is where Suns star Haven Booker lives. Haven is an Italian mastiff and is probably the most well-known dog in the Suns team. Booker’s Instagram Account, with 5.4 Million followers.

The Dallas Mavericks defeated the Suns 7-1 in Western Conference semi-finals. Last year the dog provided support. a This is a comforting feeling. Sonny began whining immediately after Bridges returned home from the series. for Bridges for him to pet.

“Just told him, ‘Well, I’m going to be home with you every day now,’” Bridges did not speak up, but he was glum as the memory of that day reverberated in his mind. “It kind of gets your mind off basketball. You come home; someone’s just excited to see you.”

Bridges boarded Uno for a month while Payne was gone and Instagram posted highlights. One video showed Uno wandering around the back seat of Bridges’s car while Sonny sat in the front with Bridges. Bridges also took them to the toy store for a second video.

“Two toys each,” Bridges shared the message with them via video. He let Uno know he’d be spoiled with him just like he was at home.

Bridges later dribbled that day. a The tennis ball was placed before the dogs. Uno attempted to defend, but without success. and Bridges gave the ball to him. Bridges crossed Bridges over and he chased him after the ball. Sonny was smarter than that. Sonny waited for Bridges to release the ball. and Then, he ran for it.

“Sonny been gettin fried from birth so he chillin,” Bridges was the one who wrote it a Caption for The video.

According to some, dogs can be a source of joy. and Their owners are often similar to them. When asked if Payne and his dog had ever seen similarities, he replied that he did. and Bridges and Booker, Booker and their dogs, paused for a Moment to reflect.

“Definitely Uno and Cam,” He laughed. As he thought about the matter, he raised his eyebrows.

“Sonny and Mikal, too.”

“Uno walks in, he’s the energy of the room no matter what. He’s a little bit smaller than other dogs, but he’s still the energy when he walks in,” Booker continued, perhaps making a sly reference to Payne’s relatively small 6-foot-1 stature.

“Sonny’s all over the place,” Booker stated that Bridges could be, too.

Bridges and Payne will miss each other, but they said they — and their dogs — will remain close.

“C. Payne’s my best friend,” Bridges said, adding: “And Uno, he’s little.”

Bridges are pantomimed for carrying a The little dog that leads the way a running back might carry a football.

“So when C. Payne flies, he can just tuck him with him. It’s a little easier for travel. But Sonny’s definitely going to miss his guy.”

Payne said he knew that Sonny’s move to Brooklyn would leave a hole in Uno’s life.

“That’s really been one of the few dogs that he’s been hanging around,” He added: “I’ve got to get him a new friend from on the team.”