Every woman who looked to be of grandmother age was serenaded with a chant that has become a rallyIng cry of this year’s World Cup in Argentina: “Abuela, la, la, la, la, la.” It is “Official” the Spanish for grandmother. It was named after a Spanish woman who died in Buenos Aires. Argentina’s victories, when a group of young men sang it to a dancing older woman who wore a medical mask and wrapped herself in a flag.

“She still doesn’t know why everyone is singing to her but she loves it,” Silvia Belvedere spoke of Nelida Peralta (her 89-year old mother), who was standing beside her. the Take the sidewalk the Processional, grasping a cane while waving two small arms Argentina flags. Flags. the Each group who noticed her stopped by to sing and pose for photos as she walked through the parade.

“I’m so happy,” Ms. Peralta said. “I can’t go there, so I’m staying here waving the flag.”

You can go further down the Avenue, where a group from Bangladeshi immigrant were warmly welcomed by the Marching supporters. Bangladesh’s love for Argentina’s national soccer team has become a major storyline here, and so Argentines parading down the Route stopped to take photos or give high fives. One the A man from Bangladesh claimed that he has lived in Buenos Aires since 1994 and felt more connected to the country.

Also the route. Argentines were happy with what was available. Intersections were watched by cars. the One man banged with a spoon on the pan while another beeped endlessly. It went on and on. the crowd sang this year’s anthem of the Argentina Team national “Muchachos, Ahora Nos Volvimos A Ilusionar” — or “Guys, Now We’re Getting Excited Again.”

This song is now a kind of celebratory hymn. Argentina More the It speaks about the past few weeks. Argentina’s late soccer star, Diego Maradona, a sort of deity in this country, looking down from the Help Messi with his team by flying in the sky Argentina Another World Cup. After the song’s prediction came to fruition on Sunday, it was the The soundtrack the march.