Christina Ricci Her proud mother of two is now a proud grandmother. “This little dream baby is 1 year old today!!!!” The “Wednesday” star captioned the photo of Cleopatra, her daughter Ricci Hampton was wrapped up in a striped sweater, and a crochet beanie. “She’s a gift from the universe. Broke our hearts open wide again.” RicciMark Hampton, the celebrity hairdresser, shared his excitement on his blog. Instagram. “One lap round the sun! What a year,” He captioned a picture of Cleo and him outside, wrapped up.

Cleo was also her daughter. Ricci Ex-husband James Heerdegen has a 8-year old son, Freddie Heerdegen. Interview with James Heerdegen in September People, Ricci Freddie was quoted as saying that “really helpful” With Cleo and has been a wonderful big brother to his baby sibling. “He can help me make a bottle. He can help me in the bathtub with her. It is really great,” She added that she occasionally pays Freddie to look after Cleo “for 20 minutes at a time in her little playpen.” “There hasn’t been a lot of sibling jealousy or anything. That has been a huge relief.”

While Ricci keeps her children out of the spotlight, parts of her Instagram page — and Hampton’s — are flooded with photos of Cleo as well as the occasional photo of her son. Cleo even enjoys a picnic with her dad, while gurgling and sleeping.

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