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Reza Farahan He spoke out about the moment he discovered that Shahs of Sunset It was cancelled during a podcast appearance this month.

Before updating you on his current position, Tommy Feight Confirming the status of He filmed the pilot for a spinoff with Mercedes “MJ” Javid And Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi, Reza admitted that when it came to his communication with producers, he didn’t feel they were upfront with the end of The series.

“On February 9, we had a Zoom. Literally I was like locked and loaded with ratings. I was gonna ask for a raise,” Reza Recalled of His conversation with producers during the December 1 episode of The Side Piece With Melissa Pfeister podcast. “And they were just like, ‘Oh.’ … They’re like, ‘Oh yeah, sorry [there’ve been] counters but there’s this other thing.”

Although Reza Instantly, it was suspected that the producers had been “distracting [him] from a Shahs funeral,” they assured him that wasn’t the case, suggesting that the show was likely being put on “pause.”

“They were like, ‘No, you know, Atlanta was on pause for a year and they came back,’” He shared.

How did this happen? Reza You will be surprised to learn that the series was cancelled. “TMZ,” He shared the details.

“TMZ did an article because, you know, [Mike Shouhed] had some issues legally… An article came out that said Shahs of Sunset was canceled. So I’m feeling like, you know, they weren’t really upfront with us,” Reza stated.

Where does he stand with Tommy? He vandalized Tommy’s property in the midst of a feud prompted from comments Reza had made about MJ’s health issues following their son Shams’ birth, Reza said that while he doesn’t “get to spend very much time with Tommy,” They met recently and they are doing better now than they were many years ago.

“He did come and pick Shams up from the house and I’m hoping over time that can change but I have to accept everyone’s process and their pace and their speed and I’m very grateful that we’re not in the place that we were before,” Reza noted. “I wish we were a lot further along. But that, over time, has been getting better.”

During the interview Reza confirmed that his spinoff series with GG and MJ hasn’t yet gotten a “go” Any network.

“We did shoot this other thing that TMZ reported about. We did some sort of other show with me, Golnesa, and MJ. We filmed one pilot and I think they have now an obscene about a time to decide whether or not they wanna roll with it,” He elaborated.

Shahs of Sunset It aired its first episode on March 11, 2012, and its final episode on August 29, 2021.