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It is as simple as that the Our final piece “Building the Metaverse” I think it is fitting to finish a series by painting a picture about what the metaverse What it could look like, and how it might work. 

Re-introductions are not something I will bore you with. the The idea of having an avatar interact in a virtual environment world Because I already know that you have a lot of experience in these areas, I would suggest using NFTs or crypto to tender. What I would rather focus on is the Idea that the metaverse Could connect All corners of the world are represented by these people the world In ways we didn’t think possible.

This will be a fairly technical post — but don’t worry, I’ll try to break things down as best as I can.

Spatial computing and dimensionality

It metaverse will Each dimension can be made up of multiple dimensions. will be filled with all types of content. It is possible to find all kinds of content in the site. will Have the There are many types of 2D Web, such as 3D Virtual Worlds and 4D Augmented Reality (AR). 5D Mixed Reality is also available. What does this mean? “dimension”?


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Simply put, dimension simply means a measurement of something. So, the A 2D web is everything on a flat plane, such as a website. Virtual 3D world It is, indeed, a world It exists in three dimensions that you can explore and move about. AR refers to digital content that is overlaid on top of existing material. the Real world.

Mixed reality is more difficult and takes longer to achieve. the Dimensions that are most exciting to me. Mixed reality means when you have both. the Real world Mix it up the Virtual world Create a new mixed reality. It is different to AR as digital content can be interacted with. the Physical world.

It could be as simple as an AR virtual dog that you see on your coffee table. However, Mixed Reality could allow that virtual dog to walk off. the table, onto the Put your feet on the floor and then go to work.

The important point is: the metaverse will be made of multiple dimensions. Each one will Uniqueness is what they offer. It is because they are unique. the metaverse will connect the world.

However, before that can happen we have to first lay. the Geospatial computing is the foundation. This allows digital information to be represented in a 3-D space.

Comme nous lise a prior time, the metaverse will can be made up of multiple dimensions. This is why we require a method of representing various dimensions in 3D spaces. This is precisely what spatial computing does. will Allow us to.

It metaverse As a platform for global collaboration

We have now laid the foundation. the foundation, let’s talk about just how the metaverse Can connect All over the world, people are involved the world. First, you need to know that the metaverse will Be a worldwide platform

It means anyone can do it from any place. will You will be able access the metaverse You should interact with others. You can interact with others. will Everyone is welcome to apply. will You should be equal.

Contrary to the The traditional internet was made of multiple silos. You can take, for example: the The U.S. Internet is very different than the one in Europe. the Chinese internet differs from other countries. the Russian internet. It is the regulation environment, censorship and privacy that make a profound difference. It is very challenging for individuals from different areas of the world to work together. the world To connect Each other.

However, the metaverse will Only one global platform is available to everyone. It is an extremely powerful concept. will Translation of unlimited languages, understanding culture and customs in real time, immutability to regulations and censorship and many other features.

It metaverse as a decentralized platform

Apart from being an international platform, the metaverse will be decentralized. There is no one authority. will You can control it.

Instead, it will Be a distributed network powered the It is used by people. Because it is so important, this distinction is crucial. will Make the metaverse Much more resistant to censorship or control

Traditional internet services are centralized, meaning that only few companies have control over everything. Facebook, Google, and Amazon control what you see in your newsfeed.

However, the metaverseThere are will There is no central authority to control what you do or see. This represents a significant shift. will This will lead to an open, democratic and more transparent internet.

Transactions and ownership are changing.

A key element of the metaverse It is so will Change the The nature and rights of the owners. All transactions today are handled by central institutions.

You buy stock, and you’re actually purchasing a piece of paper to represent your ownership. You can also buy stocks with the metaverseYou will You will be able own digital assets directly.

It is an important distinction because will This would result in an efficient, transparent and more effective market. Many middlemen take a percentage of each transaction.

the metaverseTransactions will Direct and direct. will No middlemen are required. It is this. will Make the It makes the market more efficient. will Reduce also the Transaktions cost.

All in one: How to adapt. the Age of the metaverse

To conclude our series, let’s consider how to adapt to the A paradigm-shifting event that will change the world the metaverse will bring. It is time to stop restricting our imagination and learn how to think in 3D. the 2D world The world we live in today. How do you define that?  

the 2D worldBecause we’re used to looking at things from a perspective of right and left, up or down, it is easy to get lost in the details. However, in the 3D world This is the metaverseThere are infinite possibilities. You need to see things from three perspectives.

It is also important to feel at ease with others. the Digital ownership is an idea. The In the metaverseYou will Digital assets can be owned directly. This concept is very different than owning paper. It represents ownership of an asset.

Finally, it is important to remember to be creative. the world In terms of networks. In terms of networks. metaverse will This platform is decentralized and powered by the It is used by many people. This model is very different from the one we used before. the We are used to a centralized internet.

In spite of these differences,  if we learn to think in 3D, get comfortable with digital ownership, and start thinking about the world In terms of network, we will You will be able adapt to and thrive in the new age.

Imagine this as a final thought — the metaverse It is more than a hobby or recreational distraction. It is. the next evolutionary step in human social interaction and it’s time to start preparing for it.

It metaverse is coming, and it’s going to change everything.

Daniel Saito cofounded and is the CEO of StrongNode


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