Melbourne Rectangular Stadium stands out against a dark Australian sky. the Women’s World Cup Game between the On Sunday, the United States and Sweden went on. The United States and Sweden went on indefinitely for 120 minutes. the Nearly 28,000 spectators were so nervous they couldn’t cheer loudly. Until penalty kicks turned up the The volume was the key.

That’s when the United States’ recent dominance in the World Cup is now over. the Americans left in shock and despair by The worst ever performance by the team at the quadrennial tournament. It was a quadrennial event. the Favorites after two championships consecutively, 2015 and 2019. Then on Sunday in the Round of 16: three missed penalties and a razor thin goal by Sweden’s fate changed.

Sophia Smith missed an opportunity for a win the United States of America had to be consoled by As she sat, her teammates surrounded her the Field in tears Kelley O’Hara, in her fourth World Cups of stormed by After the silence, reporters stared at each other in straight line. the Game begins moments after penalty kick. the Right post bounces away.

Megan Rapinoe the Outspoken and accomplished U.S. Forward who was demoted to the Reserve at this time World Cup, became teary-eyed when she discussed that her career as an international athlete would be over if she missed a penalty shot, calling it. “a sick joke.” Rapinoe, who was just asked what she would do a few weeks ago the team’s legacy would be if it failed to win the World title again? She responded, “I haven’t thought about that.”

Now she won’t forget it. Sweden won the Shootout 5-4 to eliminate the United States

Alex Morgan the The star U.S. offensive player is called that “a bad dream.”

I’m really disappointed with myself, and I wish I could have provided more with this team,” Morgan was one of the people who were on the bench for the Shootouts after she was replaced by Rapinoe earlier She didn’t score during the entire tournament.

Julie Ertz was rushed to the hospital by her mother. the It was a sweet moment to have her son back in the classroom after a year of having him. the stands after the match. “But it still hurts to lose a game like that,” “She said.” As she left, she was wiping. the She removed the mascara that was smeared and wet from her under-eye area.

All fell apart the United States of America a flurry of 14 kicks. Here’s how they unfolded, emotions included:

Andi Sullivan, the midfielder, is up first to face Sweden’s goalkeeper, Zecira Musovic, with her teammates lined up behind her, many arm in arm. She turns to face the goalkeeper. the Spot with the Death stare, followed by nails of a gunman the Shoot into the Lower left corner the goal. Sullivan pumps her fist and spins around to face the team. Finally, the crowd comes to life and starts chanting: “U-S-A! U-S-A!” U.S. 1, Sweden 0.

Fridolina RolfoA 5-foot-10-inch forward, who was on the Alyssa Neher, the goalkeeper of Sweden’s national team since 10 years ago is facing off against them about one month after they won. the Champions League in Barcelona. She sent the Ball into the The right-side of the page the Her blond ponytail is swinging in the wind behind her. She opens her mouth and flexes both arms to celebrate. the Many Swedish fans in yellow, seated right behind. the goal, explode into cheers. U.S. 1, Sweden 1.

One of the U.S. co-captains, Lindsey Horan Has a familiar and ferocious “don’t mess with me” It’s her. It’s the She had a look just moments before scoring the equalizer in the 1-1 tie versus the Netherlands the It’s much tougher than the group stage. It’s much tougher than the She encouraged her team with a softer tone, which she used for most of the week last year. the 14 World Cup rookies, one by To play with greater confidence. Swedish fans boo her and compete with the U.S. cheers. Horan delivers with steely determination the Ball precisely the Right side, rocketing the into the net. U.S. 2, Sweden 1.

Elin RubenssonHoran chose a great place for his new baby. the Ball into the net. She sends the ball there, too — and Naeher can’t get to it. U.S. 2, Sweden 2.

Next up is Kristie MewisSam’s little sister won the World Cup Title with the United States in 2019 Mewis, the elder, exhales heavily before firing with her left leg and sending the Ball into the The right-side of the page the goal. The stadium is rumbling. U.S. 3, Sweden 2.

Some fans think that it will never end. Nathalie Bjorn, the Right back to Sweden, attempts to shoot into the Right corner of the but the The ball is not satisfied. Ball has different ideas the “Goal” is a term that describes the goal of a person. the Sweden fans are united in their sighing. She buries the face of her head in her hand. Momentum has changed. Peter Gerhardsson, Sweden’s coach, says after the game: “You’re just waiting. You want it to be over, and you want it to go your way.” U.S. 3, Sweden 2.

When the U.S. team wins, fans in America go crazy. Megan Rapinoe She walks. She was a replacement for Morgan and she knew it. the Ball would be thrown straight in the Back of the Net, as many times in the past, it included the The final word the 2019 World Cup. Cup. World Cup was her fourth after she announced that she will retire in this year. But now, her shot isn’t even close.

She sent the The ball is flying. the goal. On the way back to her team, she smiles because she just can’t believe it. So this is the end of an international career? She believes that she missed her last penalty kick in 2018, maybe.

“That’s some dark humor, me missing,” “She says after” the game. “I feel like I joke too often, always in the wrong places and inappropriately, so maybe this is ha-ha at the end.” U.S. 3, Sweden 2.

Sweden’s Rebecka Blomqvist Naeher does a heroic dive like that of a superhero to knock the shot down. U.S. 3, Sweden 2.

There were only four United States goals in this tournament. World Cups and Forward Sophia Smith Scored half of them. She’s a winner. the U.S. and she takes her time setting it up. If she is connected to the The ball soars above the The right-side of the page the post. It was a win for everyone the taking, and she couldn’t grab it. She buries the face of her hands in black gloves. She is not going to be. the star today. Horan tells her later: “The best players in the world miss.” Smith later explains the situation to reporters: “But you’ve got to remember, this is part of football. You get back up and it’s going to hurt. It’s going to hurt for forever.” U.S. 3, Sweden 2.

Hanna BennisonShe has the chance to rescue her team, which had been looking like a disaster. Her team is in a frenzy after she scores. Gerhardsson says later: “Accept that you are nervous, so that being nervous doesn’t make you more nervous.” U.S. 3, Sweden 3.

There’s a rumble among U.S. fans when they see who is taking the next shot: It’s Alyssa Naeher, the goalkeeper. She has been flipped the Switch in her mind and she is now facing Musovic, Musovic’s counterpart. Her shot goes smack into the Middle of the road the Musovic makes a mistake and scores. U.S. 4, Sweden 3.

Magdalena ErikssonTo keep Sweden in the game, she must score. It is a great performance. the upper right corner. Sweden 4, U.S. 4.

It’s up to Kelley O’HaraIn her fourth World Cup. Sprints her to the spot. She has rallied the team and wants them to be confident that they will win both this match and tournament. It bounces back. the Right post, and onwards the baseline.

Sweden’s fans start to party, waving their blue-and-yellow flags and dancing. Naeher is sorry for those teammates who were not able to attend. “They’ve trained for it. They’ve prepared for it. And, you know, unfortunately, those things happen. My heart hurts for them.” Sweden 4, U.S. 4.

Lina Hurtig, the The forwards who score when Sweden are humbled the United States of America the Tokyo Olympics is a winner. She is aiming at the Right side the goal. Naeher hits the ball with both her hands, making it soar upward. Naeher then hits the ball with her right hand while standing on. the The ground is stretched out to the backwards direction. the goal.

It went in after all. Naeher says she has saved the item. Hurtig raises both arms as she casts shadows the referee, Stéphanie Frappart, to make her case for a goal. Cameras and tracking technologies are used to review the play.

Frappart waved her arms and said: “The game’s over. It is now ruled as a score.” Hurtig sprints toward her teammates. the Swedish players run onto the Field to Celebrate

In fact, the ball had completely crossed into the According to goal the Replay system The system can be played back. the Looks of it the A millimeter can be the margin. “I thought I had it. Unfortunately it must have just slipped in. But that’s tough. Ugh, we just lost the World Cup. It’s heartbreak,” Naeher says. Sweden 5, U.S. 4.