Picture it: glamorous dresses, glittering makeup and hair-dos and A-list stars walking star-studded Red Carpets. You envy this scene from your (cozy!) couch. In A city like New York The city is well-known because of its film industry. There are many movie screenings and premieres that are held regularly. If you’ve ever wondered how to attend movie screenings in NYC and beyond, you might be surprised to learn there are several ways to do so (outside of global fame).

Premieres and screenings are an opportunity to promote upcoming films before they become mainstream. This means that there will be canapes, cocktails, and other refreshments for the cast, crew, their friends, and any celebrities or influencers. Although many of these events require invitations, some are open to the public. Film buffs have the opportunity to attend or view the film in person. These are some of the options you can bookmark. 

1. Volunteer at Film Festivals

Consider volunteering at film festivals to gain first-hand knowledge and experience if your passion for film and media extends beyond the screen. You will have exclusive access to premieres and movie screenings. Additionally, you may be invited to attend other industry events that allow you to network with entertainment professionals and filmmakers. Volunteering allows you to pursue your passion without paying for advance tickets.

2. Examine your credit card reward programs

Everybody has a credit cards. But did you know that your credit card can do so much more than just pay for your Uber order or your retail therapy purchases? You have the option to apply for multiple credit cards. Make sure you do your research before making a decision. Some cards offer access to presale tickets for in-demand events such as concerts, theatre productions, and trendy restaurants. Card holders receive information about the most talked-about events directly to their inboxes. They can also sign up within a short timeframe.

Other credit cards offer the opportunity to experience these things. Sundance Film Festival The festival is the largest in America. This year’s festivities are in-person the first week and virtual for the second week. Cardholders can get exclusive screenings of selected films and access to panels. You can even get a card if you’re really excited about the movie. “bumping” You can meet celebrities in person by using some of the credit card benefits, including VIP access and priority entry to selected events or VIP access. Make sure you are familiar with the entertainment benefits of credit cards before you submit your application. 

3. VIP Concierge

If you are the type of person that’s always on the go and not constrained to one city, you need to sign up for VIP Concierge STAT. You will be emailed with information about exclusive events in your area (like fashion weeks and galas), and the cost of attending them. You can also get access to exclusive events such as movie premieres, award shows and inaugural balls, from Hollywood to London, if you sign up for their membership program. Although the cost of membership is high, you will have access to exclusive events at very high prices around the world. Keep an eye on your emails for events tailored to you, such as premieres and movie screenings.

4 Gofobo 

If you don’t have a couple thousand dollars to spend for exclusive access, then you’re better off downloading the Gofobo appThe movie studios often use the, which is a tool that allows them to distribute advanced passes and promote screenings. Sign up for Gofobo is quick and simple. Next, sign up to the email newsletters. These emails will contain information about new movie releases and their timings. Tickets are usually available on a first-come, first-serve basis so make sure to reserve your tickets as soon as possible. You can get two passes for free at many screenings. Grab your Hinge friend or another person (and popcorn!). It is important to arrive 30 to 60 minutes prior to the start of a movie to ensure a seat.

5. Advance Screenings

If you’re simply passing through New York You should check out (or another city). Advance Screenings to see what’s happening that day. Search by movie, city or zip code, outlet (i.e. Netflix). Once you’ve made your selection, you will be directed to a link where you can “redeem” your code (or in other words, sign up for the screening directly at the studio’s screenings site), and find out the screening’s location. This site also provides information on newspaper and radio contests offering advance screening tickets. If Lady Luck is with you, you might be able to win some freebies. These options are limited so get in quick.

6. For giveaways, listen to your local radio station

I know, I’m sure, but who listens these days to the radio? Particularly in a place like New York It might seem strange to suggest this alternative in a city that is home to more subway commuters than drivers. Local radio stations like New York’s Power 105.1There are often promotions and contests that include advance tickets for movie screenings. These perks are available to those who keep their eyes and ears open.

If all else fails, you can always show up early to a screening in the hopes you’ll get in, but in the city known as the “concrete jungle”We recommend that you always have a plan B.

Photo by Weston Wells. Design: Sasha Purdy/STYLECASTER.