Twitter In February 2023 announced Text message 2-factor authentication (2FA), is enabled to Be a Premium Feature for Twitter Blue accounts. Let’s find out why. the Company’s logic behind the The security aspect of the decision is not a good one, so you shouldn’t. the Feature anyway.

Twitter It has said It will remove text-based 2FA (using SMS) from accounts that are not paying and make it a unique feature. to Subscribers to its Premium Twitter Blue offering costs $8 per monthly. Any users not paying for Blue offering will pay $8 per month. for Get a Blue subscription to rely on Twitter to Send them an SMS message code to Complete the The login process is required the feature disabled, and will be removed from their accounts no later than March 20. The password for their account will change the The only thing that is a barrier to access.

Apart from financial considerations (presumably, it costs), Twitter to Send me a message, making text-based 2FA an affordable optionfor Perk can be a strange decision Twitter’s part.

Twitter This is justifiable the By saying that SMS2FA could be misused, policy can change There have been. “SIM swap attacks” Hackers convinced cell service providers to Give victim’s mobile number to They can control a device and take control of the phone number. the Hacker could impersonate the You can both send and receive SMS codes to victims to Their account. However, SMS 2FA is not available. to Twitter Being blue makes subscribers more vulnerable to Attacks of this nature

Twitter Says it’s “committed to keeping people safe and secure on Twitter,” While SMS 2FA may be better than any 2FA, its policy is not. to Inspire users to Switch to a more secure form of 2FA – perhaps because doing so means paying Twitter Absolute nothing.

Moving to 2FA App-Based the Lösung

You should not rely solely on SMS-based 2FA. Twitter Users should use a mobile authentication application, such as Duo, AuthyYou can also call it: Google AuthenticatorYou can also call it: the Password authenticator integrated to iOS. The app-based alternative to 2FA is safer because it doesn’t require you to send a code and your device never loses its connection. to Text message to your mobile phone

Use this method to Secure your Twitter First, make sure that your iPhone has the authenticator app you prefer installed. Next, follow these steps.

  1. Launch the Twitter Log in or app to the Twitter website.
  2. Click Here to Check your bank account Setting up privacyFind it in the Configurations and Support Dropdown menu
  3. Choose Security and account access -> Security.
  4. Choose Two-factor authentication.
  5. You can check the Mark next to Authentication app.
  6. Follow the If prompted, type your account password.

twitter 2fa

Once you are done the These are the steps you need to follow in order to be able to log in to Your Twitter Your password and a code created by your authenticator app will be used to create an account. Make sure you are 100% certain to keep a backup of your codes – if you don’t have one and you lose your phone, you’ll find it a lot harder to You can access your 2FA accounts.