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Physical Therapist Michael St. George Has spent 10 years treating injured teens and Adult athletes and Helping non-athletes become more healthy and It is possible to do so. and Get their groove back. 

The clinical director of Ivy Rehab Physical Therapy in Warminster, PA., Michael St. George It has also learned important lessons from Collaboration with multiple people from An array of The professions and Backgrounds that include some semi-pro athletes. He has also learned, and All can benefit from being taught of us regardless of Our activity level. 

St. George combines his extensive training, positive outlook, motivational techniques, upbeat personality, and Continued education to His patients no matter where they might be. It is all about providing extraordinary care and Individualized treatment to Each patient must be on the same path to It is faster and Complete recovery

“The amateur and semi-pro athletes that put their money towards investing in their health and self-care have longevity in their careers,” Saint. George.

“I believe in hands-on components, such as soft tissue work and hands-on cueing,” He elaborates. “You can’t just tell someone to activate their core or use this muscle; you have to re-teach them to re-use those muscle patterns.” 

Physical Therapy offered at therapy centers and clinics. and Sometimes, medical practices are out of date and While home exercise, basic equipment and stretches are the most common, St. George Beliefs in a “more challenging and functional approach,” That is what leads to patients getting better faster and Their health is important and wellness. 

He often hears from Patients who have never been to a physical therapy clinic before are welcome as new patients “fallen into a rut” Where it tends to Focus on the implementation of similar techniques and The majority of the symptoms management is due to to The high volume of Patients seen every day. The therapist is often unable to see patients every day. from Really addressing the patient and Their deficits.

“My facility is different because of the focus on more individualized care with a treatment approach that targets the patients’ deficits and causes for injury in the first place,” St. George. “Then the home exercises programs complement the therapy sessions.”

This is a very powerful quote from me from One of my mentors, coach, and four-time world Olympic Rowing Champion Bob Kaehler That is it “you can’t learn how to ride a bike by reading a book; you have to do it.”

Physical therapists who are highly skilled understand how to move people and Performance and How to understand to Learn and Correct movement patterns are possible because they understand what it means to feel like. It is the patient who has to Feel free to contact us if you need help in determining the best position. to Learn the importance of control of They are their bodies.

“Our treatment is interactive and aggressive. It is about getting people to move better, faster, and more effectively. Every session is different. We work on strength training, form, technique, resistance, and they keep getting better and they keep progressing.” 

Training St. George has been involved in many hours of Shadowing and Working with renowned physicians and As well as surgeons and certified hand therapists in hand specialties. Functional Movement Systems, a variety of treatment options are used by Dr. Ayers. of Manual therapy methods and Human performance mentality.

How St. George Does not desire to High school students are spending their teens in rehabilitation. He also worries about the spread of the disease. of Jugend and adolescent injuries nationwide and It is also happening earlier in life.

Also, he says he is a visual person. of Teens can’t be focused all year on one sport. But they do need to diversify their focus. to Be developing all of The muscle groups and Becoming well-rounded This is what can make it difficult. to Torn ligaments and other injuries related to sports.

Mark Palage of Southampton was a patient that worked with St. George St. George His craft is the art. and The science of Physical therapy is taken seriously.

“Mike St. George doesn’t want to be the baseline. He is the new school guy,” Palage was recently explained. “Mike got me back on my feet and back to work when my doctors doubted that I would walk, drive or get back to work as an electrician for years. Mike is extremely proud of his patients. When they succeed; he succeeds. He wants to celebrate with you!”

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Mark Palage, of Southampton works out together with Mike St. George, of Ivy Rehab PT in Warminster. The Kaehler Core was invented by Bon Kaehler and is used for training.

Below is a sample Q and An expert physical therapist Michael St. George on keeping our active teens and Healthy adults

Your advice to high school athletes in sport? to Keep healthy and prevent injuries?

Let’s say “off-season&#8221Time for relaxation and Recovery and Downtime from This is the main sport of focus. Focus is what everyone needs to Make time to do strength training. Resistance training and Weight loss is associated with major health advantages. You should consider a diet plan to suit your life style. Mobility and Foundational principles of all are also hydration and nutrition preparation of We, particularly young athletes.

Which mistakes can athletes make? to Schwierigkeiten and injuries?

Overtraining and Unbalance of Rest and recovery. Sensing your need to Click here “beast mode&#8221Not all workouts or practices are recommended. It is not a good idea to specialize early without doing foundational work. Do you have a wish? to You can specialize in your chosen sport. to Take your time to Focus on recovery, sleep, diet, nutrition and work. and Mental health and balance 

 It is often dangerous to specialize early. to Youth development is important, but some people still love one sport. and You really do want to It is okay to focus on that, however, there are other things. to Maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Mark Palage, Mike St. George of Ivy Rehab in Warminster

Are there any main lessons you’ve learned in your career as a physical therapist? What do you recommend for patients to learn from you? to understand?

They pay more for what they don’t need than what they desire. You must be committed to Avoiding injury and overcoming injury is not something to be taken lightly. For issues that are not easily prevented, physical therapy is a powerful option. of Waiting to Things can be fixed when they go stale. It happens to Gesundheit and Wellness, to me it is preventative and not reactive.

How have you come to understand the importance of health/wellness/body awareness? from semi-pro athletes?

The amateur and Semi-professional athletes who invest in their own health and Self-care is a key to ensuring longevity in your career. People who care about it take their training seriously and invest in personal trainers and Team of dietitians, nutritionists, and Physical therapists.

What advice do you have for someone who hasn’t exercised in months or years and You want to get started?

Move in general. and Start with your bodyweight. How it works to Get moving and Demonstrate good form and Technique that increases volume prior to increasing intensity and resistance. Let’s take an example: Do sets and Reps of Good form and bodyweight squats and ensure no issues before adding weight.

How How do you track your progression with different patients?

The number of people can measure progress. of reps/sets completed, level of Intensity and Rate of Perceived exertion and Time it takes to Comply with a certain amount of exercise. Don’t alter too many variables at once. 

Use the same amount to get a certain number of Weeks and Adjust one variable at the time, whether it is the number of Reps of Exercise, weight, and time. It can be difficult to manage too many items at once. to Track progress and report on setbacks.

Which is your best option for health? and The best wellness tip ever and from whom?

I was trained for a number of years in combat arts. and Gracie Jujitsu and a Private Expert and He said that in Chinese ancient culture, there was a saying “If you don’t use your arms”, to get out of A chair is all you need. It’s a simple analogy to It is a fact that it doesn’t matter if you stop. to Use and Be careful of your body the way it’s supposed to Function will ensure that you are always able to Do the things that you are most interested in to do.

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Teen Lacrosse player Grace Gannon works out with  Mike St. George of Ivy Rehab in Warminster and Make use of The Kaehler Core for training

These are just a few of the things most people overlook when it comes to health and wellness. to Their health and They can be harmed by wellness later on.

The investment opportunity in life is either a short-term or long-term one. Either you put in the effort now to Be careful of You either pay the price now or suffer later. People think that it’s hard work and time-consuming to set aside time to Be careful of themselves when they are generally healthy, it’s even harder when you are ridden with disease or coming back from surgery. Lifting weights isn’t scary, but being too weak to Be careful of Fearful for yourself or loved ones. You wouldn’t go weeks without brushing your teeth, so why would you go weeks without daily exercise?

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