Mikati was then joined by 15 Hublot Ambassadors and Friends of Brand will create 15 unique Designs to symbolize the football of their dreams.

Each piece is unique and is meant to capture the themes and universal respect of hope and all football stars, as well as the individual personalities and shared passion. for football. These are hand-drawn, painted and crocheted to represent the human element of football.

You can visit Hublot Boutiques at The Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates, Abu Dhabi.

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“Today, Hublot is the first name in football timekeeping,” said Ricardo Guadalupe, Hublot CEO. “For this year’s tournament, we wanted to do something that expresses our belief in a free, diverse and unified world in a new and memorable way.

“We’re so proud to be working with Mira Mikati and our Hublot This story will be told by Ambassadors and Friends of the Brand. We’re also thrilled to be the Official Timekeeper of the FIFA World Cup for A fourth time, returning to the South Africa tournament in 2010.

“We are so excited for this year’s festival of football to begin and wish every participating team the very best of luck. Hublot Loves Football!”

Mikati expanded upon her creative process for This unique project.

“Play is at the heart of all my designs,” She said. “When I’m not playing with colour, I’m playing with words.

“Just as football sparks joy on the pitch, I want my work to be a constant supply of happiness.

“Dreams really can come true. Meeting Hublot’s ambassadors and discussing their dreams, passions and how far these drivers can take you was very special.

“By interpreting every player’s dream, with Hublot We want to inspire others.

“Whether it’s playing for your country or designing your own collection, we want to inspire the next generation to believe they can achieve anything.”

Mikati met each star to learn more about their passions and personalities in order to create the final designs. Here they are:

Hublot Loves Football x Pelé

Pelé is a football icon, and so much more. Mikati drew inspiration from the Brazilian’s energy, peace and humanity, conceiving the Pelé design around five characteristics she felt best described him: optimism, discipline, respect, being genuine and being iconoclastic. She chose yellow to capture Pelé’s sunny disposition, adding the famous silhouette of his overhead kick.

Hublot Loves Football x Kylian Mbappé

Mikati describes the challenges of designing a ball for France superstar Kylian Mbappé as one of the most exciting of her career. She wanted to capture and preserve the ideas of “dreams” And “dedication”This is his dedication to achieving his wildest dreams. This is reflected in the colours. Pink was his favorite colour. for His first football boots. Orange for Inspired by KM, his children’s foundation. And blue for France and the beauty in the sky

Hublot Loves Football x Laure Boulleau

Former France international Laure Boulleau explained to Mikati how she uses pleasure to help her overcome life’s challenges – to see and feel the good. Her ball is made in hand crochet using rainbow tie-dye, and embossed with the word “hope”. The “o” is heart-shaped to express Boulleau’s love of taking on challenges.

Hublot Loves Football x Marcel Desailly

In France’s World Cup Mikati, the winner, saw incredible, celebratory energy. She took the colours of the Ghana flag and Desailly’s clubs to create a sunny, fresh ball design. The last touch is the date 12 July 1998, which marks the day he lifted this trophy. World Cup.

Hublot Loves Football x Didier Deschamps

Deschamps is among three men who have won the award. World Cup As both a manager and player, you are both for France was his home. Mikati wanted Mikati to honor his extraordinary career by creating “the victory ball”. It’s decorated in the colours of the French Tricolore flag and with stars, hand-drawn and painted as if by a child to represent victories yet to come.

Hublot Loves Football x Luis Figo

Mikati and former Portugal international Figo drew a clover leaves on a football during a creative session to bring luck to all those he loves. Mikati added stars to his life, as well as hearts and hearts to recall his many triumphs and memories. “Follow your Dreams. Never Lose Faith.” The dark green, blue and white colours are his son’s favourites.

BeFunky collage 1 1

Hublot Loves Football x Ada Hegerberg

Norway international Hegerberg’s motto is simple: ‘Believe in yourself.’ Mikati was inspired by her dynamic personality so she created a colourful crocheted ball that carries the same motto.

Hublot Loves Football x Roberto Martinez

Mikati may have chosen to go with Roberto’s red, black, and yellow at the tournament but she felt they were too aggressive. for His personality. Instead, the ball uses warmer, lighter colours to capture his generous, kind disposition. At his request, she attached an Apple AirTag to the ball – so, that he would never lose it.

Hublot Loves Football x Alex Morgan

United States international Morgan is a captain of the San Diego Wave and plays club football in California. Mikati captured the state’s warmth with a California sunset in Morgan’s design, adding a palm tree motif and a horizon, a symbol of the limitless opportunities for women in football.

Hublot Loves Jose Mourinho and Football

Mourinho is one of football’s greatest ever managers, and known for His insightful insights. He gave Mikati two: 1) “The World Cup ball must represent all the colours of the world.” So, she created a cheerful, graphic interpretation of the competing nations’ flags. His secret motto was: “The most important victory is the next one.” He was adorned with these forward-looking, bright words.

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Hublot Loves Football x Alexia Putellas

Spain’s international loves flowers, colour, and spending time with her loved ones. Mikati designed a cheerful, colorful, floral ball that she covered with floral motifs. The design also included a heart, representing Alexia’s sisters, the Barcelona coast and of course, her love of football.

Hublot Loves Football x Hervé Renard

Frenchman Renard, who was the manager of Saudi Arabia, told Mikati that the heat, blue skies, and palm trees in the desert inspired him. She used this to create a scene that was full of colour, life and character. ‘unity’ to capture Renard’s starting point as a coach: ‘The team before the player’.

Hublot Loves Football x Xherdan Shahiri

Shaqiri is a legend in Swiss football. Mikati designed a ball for him that celebrated his love for his family and the value respect that was passed on to him from his parents. She used vibrant, hand-written typography to give him energy and connect with those values.

Hublot Loves Football x Gareth Southgate

Mikati shared her deep understanding with England manager about the importance of human values in football. One of his maxims was: ‘Be Brave, Be Kind and Follow Your Dreams!’. The dominant colour is Green, which is also emotional. for He was inspired by football pitches.

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Hublot Loves Football x David Trezeguet

France’s goal machine Trezeguet scored a goal for Trezeguet World Cup 1998 was a year of glory. Mikati was inspired by his passion and infectious energy to design a yellow-orange and red ball. He named it after him. ‘Trezegoal’.