​Allies Hunter Biden ​have held initial discussions about Start a legal defense As Republicans increase congressional investigation into his business relationships, the federal probe into him taxes is continuing. The fund will be used to assist the son. report Tomorrow is Tuesday. 

An assortment of lawyers have represented HunterIn recent years, he has been 52 and more are added to his team as he pursues new opportunities legal strategies — but the Biden Dwindling financial resources have made it difficult for the scion to pay all of them. the Washington Post reported. 

It’s unclear exactly how much the first son owes in legal Fees for some work that has not been considered as pro bono.

Others close to the situation disagree. Hunter’s debt could reach into the millions of dollars — and that amount is expected to go up as the House GOP launches their probes.

President Biden’s son has no steady source of income, the report He said that the once lucrative payouts from foreign business relations have now dried up due to public scrutiny. 

Allies Hunter BidenAt a White House event on July 7, 2022 they held their first talks about creating You can find more information at legal defense Fund as he is facing a variety of congressional investigations.

The Post Hunter Biden’s shady connections to Ukraine and China in a series of reports in October 2020.

While the first son is currently trying a career as an artist — reportedly selling one painting for $500,000 — other pieces of his artwork have not fetched nearly as much, the report said.

Some potential buyers also reneged due to congressional investigations or other blowback. 

Rep. James Comer (chair of the House Oversight Committee) sent last week a letter to SoHo’s gallery owner, who had exhibited Hunter Biden’s paintings seeking information about The art was purchased by the suspect as part of an investigation into influence selling. 

Rep. James Comer, the head of the House Oversight Committee, speaks at the National Press Club on Monday about the investigations into Hunter Biden.
Rep. James Comer (head of the House Oversight Committee) speaks to the National Press Club, Monday about The investigations were into Hunter Biden.
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Georges Berges (the gallery owner) told The Post the request for sale information should be made through his lawyer, but took the time and to talk about it with The Post about Hunter Biden’s artwork. 

“His is a story of perseverance; Hunter’s story reflects what I believe is the beauty of humanity, judged not by the fall, but by having the strength to rise up, by having the character required to change and the courage to do i​t,” Berges spoke to The Post about the recovering ​crack addict. 

Some other prominent figures include Roger Stone (longtime political operative) and former President Bill Clinton. legal defense Funds as they faced mounting challenges legal Bills in the face investigations 

The disclosure process for the fund is sometimes vague and raises ethical questions. about who’s donating and whether they are trying to influence the White House. 

A picture of Hunter Biden and his father, President Biden, found on the first son's laptop.
An image of Hunter Biden He was also the President of his father Biden, found on the first son’s laptop.

The Washington Post report It should also be mentioned that there are not many rules. legal defense Private citizens can apply for funds.

Although the Office of Government Ethics has begun to develop rules for officials in the executive branch, this process continues. 

Still, the office is not considering rules for the children of elected officials, despite concerns over donors trying to buy influence.​

“The Federal Election Commission does not consider legal defense funds to be a part of the campaign finance system,” ​Craig ​Holman​, a lobbyist for Public Citizen, told the outlet.

Hunter Biden poses with gallery owner Georges Berges.
Hunter Biden Georges Berges is the gallery owner.

These are the discussions about Hunter Biden’s defense Fund are still in their early stages and there are many questions. about It is not clear who will manage the fund or what issues regarding confidentiality are being resolved.

In the case of Clinton’s defense fund, established in his second term amid the Paul Jones sexual harassment lawsuit, the Whitewater investigation and impeachment proceedings, donations ​were limited ​to $10,000 a year and the names of the donors were disclosed. 

Lobbyists and government workers were prohibited from making donations.

The American Conservative Union created a First Amendment Fund, a tax-deductible nonprofit organization, to assist former Trump administration officials caught up in a House committee’s investigation of the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capital. 

Stone, interviewed by this committee, created an additional document. legal defense The fund report The donations, which were not tax-deductible, were nevertheless “considered gifts to Roger Stone.”

People close to Hunter Biden The Republican probes were criticized as political maneuvering to hurt the president. They also argued that investigations into their first son weren’t necessary because he was a private citizen. 

Comer (R.Ky.) stated that an investigation had been launched. Hunter Biden It is part a larger examination of influence peddling by Biden family. 

“We have evidence that … we’ll continue to be transparent with as we start our hearings next week, where this family is taking in millions of dollars from our adversaries,” ​Comer said Monday at the National Press Club. “And I think we need to determine what was that money for [and] who supplied that money?”