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Sunday, November 27, 2022

iCloud for Windows Users Complain of Corrupted Videos, Photos From Strangers

Posted on November 21, 2022, 8:05 pm
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Apple’s iCloud for Windows Software appears to be experiencing serious problems for Some users may use this feature. complaints on the MacRumors forums Photo Libraries contain images and videos from unknown sources that have been corrupted.

There are only a few. of Customers complain about issues with the iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro models. Videos captured on an iPhone, then synced.‌iCloud‌ for Windows The videos are rendered unwatchable because they have scan lines.

Even more concerning is the fact that some users are seeing videos and photos they don’t own in their libraries, when they attempt to view corrupted videos. MacRumors Reader sleeping_ghost explains:

iCloud for Windows Videos recorded on an iPhone 14 pro max are being corrupted, resulting in black videos with scanlines. It inserts stills into videos from unknown sources. iCloud accounts. Photos have been shown to me of I haven’t seen other families or taken photos of soccer matches, family, and other random things. This is very worrying and makes me not feel comfortable using my computer. iCloud.

It isn’t clear if the photos are taken from other sources.‌iCloud‌ It is possible, however, it would require users. From Users have shared photos of random children and families.

Delete the‌iCloud‌ for Windows App does not seem to fix the problem, but it could be server-side. Many people have reported the problem to Apple, so Apple may know. Windows 11. Windows Both 10 and 10 appear to be affected. However, it could only affect devices that have certain settings such as HDR or HEVC enabled.

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