Two of the four victims of University of Idaho Students called A mystery man In 10 seconds before They murderAccording to one victim’s sister, it was.

Kaylee Goncalves Made the calls starting at 2:30 a.m. on November 13, her sister Alivea told Friday, Inside Edition

“Kaylee calls [the man] six times between 2:26 a.m. and 2:44 a.m…. then Kaylee makes a final call to him at 2:52 a.m.,” Alivea said.

Madison Mogen Roommate called The same mystery man Alivea explained that the three times were from 2:44 to 2.52.

The Post removed the name of the victim. man as he was being recited to him, since he hadn’t been identified as a suspect by law enforcement officials.

Goncalves, 21; Mogen, 21; Xana Kernodle, 20; and Kernodle’s boyfriend Ethan Chapin, 20, were found slain at the house they shared in Moscow, Idaho.

Madison Mogen and Kaylee Goncalves Their roommates were also murdered on Sunday morning.
Instagram / @autumngoncalves
A picture of the victims pictured with their two other roommates just hours before they were killed.
The victims are shown here with their roommates, just hours earlier. before They were shot.

According to police, “isolated, targeted” At around 3-4 a.m. on Sunday, murders were committed and the coroner confirmed the identities of the victims. “likely sleeping” They were executed.

The home was unoccupied and there were no signs that forced entry had occurred. No arrests were made and suspects were not publicly identified until almost a week later. murder.

According to police, two other roommates were also at the crime scene but not suspected.

Another angle of the video that shows Mogen and Goncalves with the unidentified man.
Mogen and another angle are shown in the video. Goncalves With the unknown man.
Idaho police's map of the victims' final movements on Sunday morning.
Idaho police’s map of the victims’ final movements on Sunday morning.
City of Moscow Police Department

The murders occurred after the roommates went out for a night, with Ethan and Xana going to a frat event. Kaylee Maddie at a club with her friend before Visit a food truck before Police said that the victim arrived home at 1:45 AM.

Kernodle’s father blasted authorities for being tight lipped about the investigation in an interview The Independent Friday: The FBI was claimed by The Independent “not saying anything” His biography “worst nightmare.”

“How can you protect some kid? You keep them at home and don’t let him go to college? They’re not gonna stay at home like that,” Jeffery Kernodle said it.

Boise State University students pay their respects to the four at a vigil on Thursday.
Students from Boise State University pay respects to the four victims at a vigil held on Thursday.

According to the grieving father, his daughter attempted to resist her attack based on her injuries.

“So, it’s really mind-boggling. It’s just completely unthinkable and it’s the worst nightmare.”

A 911 caller alerted authorities to the slayings eight hours after the murders. The identity of the tipper was not disclosed by police.