One of the four universities of Idaho Students who were brutally stabbed to death Posted a heartbreaking You can message us online during these hours before her death — saying she was “one lucky girl” Spend every day with your close-knit friends.

Kaylee Goncalves shared the message on Instagram Along with photos of her surrounded by friends, which included Madison Mogen 21 and Ethan Chapin 20.

“One lucky girl to be surrounded by these people,” Goncalves said.

Shortly after posting the photo, the 21-year-old was found dead Sunday with Chapin, Mogen and Kernodle in an off-campus home.

A few weeks earlier Goncalves Many photos were taken of her and Mogen growing together. according to CBS News.

“I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to be the main character in all my childhood stories,” She wrote.

Mogen responded:  “I love you more than life! My best friend forever and more.”

Goncalves shared A heartbreaking Please wait for the message before her death.
Slain Idaho students
University of Idaho Students Kaylee Goncalves (second from the bottom, Madison Mogen) and Ethan Chapin, (center), and Xana Kernodle, (second to right) were all found dead in Moscow. IdahoOn Sunday.
Instagram / @kayleegoncalves

Goncalves’ oldest sister, Alivea, released an emotional statement about The family’s loss.

“Kaylee was, is, and will always be our defender and protector,” the family told KREM2In part.

“She did absolutely everything she set her mind to. She didn’t hold back on love, fights, or life. Kaylee was the ultimate go-getter and constantly wanted an adventure,” She continued.

Alivea stated that each of her five siblings plays a different role in the family. As the middle child Kaylee As the “fairness fighter.”

Alivea described her sister as always chasing adventure and living her life to the fullest, saying there wasn’t much anyone could tell Kaylee she couldn’t do.

KREM2 told her she spoke last with her. Kaylee Text on Friday  

Kaylee Goncalves
Kaylee Goncalves, 21, “was, is, and will always be our defender and protector,” Her family made the following statement.
Instagram / @kayleegoncalves

Kristi, their mom, stated that they heard the shocking news and that it was a shock to them. Kaylee The outlet reported that Mogen, a close friend and family member, died feeling like she had lost two children.

Alivea claimed that she felt like her two sisters had died.

Xana Kernodle and Ethan Chapin
Xana and Ethan Chapin are believed to have been in a relationship before They died.

Meanwhile, Kernodle’s sister, Jazzmin, wrote in a text to the Associated Press that her family was anxiously waiting for updates about the investigation.

“Xana was so happy and loved, and it breaks my heart,” Jazzmin Kernodle wrote. “She was so lighthearted, and always lifted up a room. She made me such a proud big sister, and I wish I could have had more time with her.”

Jazzmin was added: “She had so much life left to live.”

Chapin and Kernodle had been together.

One postKernodle wrote to him and wished him a happy Birthday. “life is so much better with you in it, love you!”