LAHORE: Pakistan’s former prime minister Imran Khan Will contest all 33 parliamentary seats in The bypolls to be held in He announced that March is his party’s official date. He announced the news at a press conference in Karachi on Sunday evening.
“Imran Khan will be PTI’s sole candidate in all 33 parliamentary seats. The decision was taken in the party’s core committee meeting which was presided over by Khan at Zaman Park Lahore on Sunday,” Qureshi said.
The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), announced Friday that bypolls to 33 seats On March 16, the National Assembly will meet.
KhanFollowing his removal from power, a large number of members of his party had resigned the National Assembly. in April lAst in a parliamentary No confidence vote
Speaker Raja Pervez Ashraf, however, refused to accept the resignations. He stated that he was in need of a new speaker to You can verify individually if lawmakers have resigned of their own volition.
The speaker received the resignations from 35 PTI legislators last month. After that, the ECP removed them.
The speaker accepted 35 more resignations (and ECP denotified them) and 43 of the remaining PTI legislators. Khan Announced Return to The National Assembly to put Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif to A vote of confidence is the final test
ECP does not yet exist to de-notify 43 PTI lawmakers. If the ECP does not notify the 43 remaining PTI legislators, KhanIt would almost wipe out the party’s presence in the National Assembly.
This was October of last year. Khan contested eight parliamentary seats After accepting 11 resignations from PTI legislators, the speaker. Khan Six of them were awarded.
A federal coalition made up of nine parties, the Pakistan Democratic Movement (Pakistan Democratic Movement), has indicated that it may not participate in The bypolls. If PDM is not adhered to to The PTI could be taken by it. all seats Without any difficulty.
The 33 bypolls in Lower house seats12, will be held in Punjab province, eight in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. in Islamabad, nine in Sindh and one in Balochistan.
This month was earlier. KhanThe provincial assemblies were also disbanded by the PTI in His party was active in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Provinces in power, to Encourage the Shehbaz- Sharif government to For snap polls, call
PTI already sued the governor of the chief minister in charge for failing to give the date. in Punjab. The caretaker arrangement has been established after an assembly is disbanded. to Polls will be conducted within the stipulated time period of 90 days.
Qureshi stated that it will move the High Court in KP against governor and chief minister caretaker for refusing to give an election date in The province.