ISLAMABAD: PakistanIt’s outgoing army chief Gen Qamar Wednesday’s Javed Bjwa raged at the “anti-military narrative” A section of the public and political elite wonder why India’s army isn’t working. “seldom the target” Similar criticisms were levelled at the country, despite its track record of excellence “human rights violations”.
In His possible last Public speech chief This is army Staff before they were retired on November 29 Gen Bajwa said, “Our army, which day and night serves the nation, is often made the subject of criticism. A major reason for this is the army’s interference in politics for the last 70 years, which is unconstitutional.”
The general claimed that, under his command, the army We made the conscious decision to break with that template. “This is why, in February last year, the army decided not to interfere in any political matter. I assure you we are adamant on this and will remain so,” He said.
Gen Bajwa regretted that rather than welcoming the military’s decision. “many sectors used very inappropriate and undignified language while making the army the target of severe criticism”.
In A subtle reference to Imran Khan (ex-PM), the army chief ” “fake and false narrative was concocted to instil a state of chaos in the country” And create “an escape route” This is how it works.
Dismissing Imran’s claim about a “foreign conspiracy” Gen Bajwa, the man behind the no trust move that resulted in his ouster, said that if a “regime-change operation” The event had been orchestrated by outside forces. army They wouldn’t have been indifferent.
“The Pakistan army has enough opportunities and resources to respond to such a propaganda, however, it showed courage in the country’s larger interest and refrained from making negative statements,” During the Defence Martyrs’ Days ceremony at the armyRawalpindi is the headquarters of the ‘general headquarters.
Gen Bajwa stated that he wishes he could. “to move forward by keeping aside this inappropriate and offensive behaviour against me and the army”. He exhorted political leaders to put aside labels such as “imported” (also known as the Shehbaz Sharif government by the opposition) “selected” (how the opposition described the Imran Khan government at the time) for The country’s sake.