WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. — On the After 797 days the Trump’s defeat, a On Monday, a rural Pennsylvania county began a Rectification of the ballots Election Day 2020.

Under pressure from conspiracy theorists and election deniers, 28 employees of Lycoming County counted — by hand — nearly 60,000 ballots. This took approximately 560 work hours and took place over three days. the At long rows of tables, vote-counters counted their votes through paper ballots the County elections office in Williamsport a Place used for a There are many types of nail-biter the The home the Little League World Series.

The results of Lycoming County’s hand recount — like earlier recounts of the 2020 election in Wisconsin, Georgia and Arizona — revealed no evidence of fraud. Nearly identical numbers were reported two years earlier. the Numbers reported on Thursday.

Trump received seven votes less than the voting machines recorded. 2020. Joseph R. Biden Jr. had 15 fewer votes. In total, Trump received eight more votes than his opponent. He easily carried Lycoming County’s deep-red Lycoming County votes. 2020With 69.98%, he carried it again the vote — gaining one one-hundredth of a Point in the recount.

Was that a quell the There were doubts that election deniers circulated. a Petition claiming that there were a Probability of “rampant fraud” Lycoming 2020?

They didn’t.

“This is just one piece of the puzzle,” said Karen DiSalvo, a A lawyer that helped to lead the Remember push to find out who it is a local volunteer for the Audit by far-right groups the Vote PA. “We’re not done.”

Forrest Lehman, the Oversaw county director of election the Recall, but oppose it a It was a wasteful bonfire of money, time and common sense. He looked at his desk on Friday and breathed a sigh of relief.

“It’s surreal to be talking about 2020 in the present tense, over two years down the road,” He stated. He said that he attributed it to the slight discrepancies between the Hand recount results in human error when reading unclear marks. the You can also use paper ballots.

Lycoming County’s recount was part of the A disturbing trend in American politics has been the rise of distrust in elections. This is due to several factors: the Trump’s supporters and lies In the middle the These conspiracy theories about Appalachian Ridges, north-central Pennsylvania have taken root.

The county’s election professionals spent months responding to the Arguments of the In public hearings with election denier and responding to their right-to know questions the minutestamps of voting records He said that he didn’t think there was a meeting with Mr. Lehman. the Facts would be changed the The views of others.

“You close one election-denying door, they’ll open a window,” He stated.

One of the Residents who worked for the Jeffrey J. Stroehmann. the former chair of Mr. Trump’s 2020 Campaign in Lycoming County. He said that he was very happy the These results match your search criteria the 2020 He said that the voting machine counted, but that there were other issues.

“Our goal from Day 1 when we approached the commissioners, we said our goal here is not to find fraud — if we find it, we’ll fix it — we just want to restore voter confidence,” According to Mr. Stroehmann a Founding father of the Far-right Lycoming Patriots Group

His and Ms. DiSalvo are both inspired the These are debunked claims a Retired Army Officer Seth Keshel was the one who caught attention in 2021. the The assertion that 8 Million were involved “excess votes” Cast for Mr. Biden. His analysis was dismissed professors at Harvard, the University of Georgia the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Ms. DiSalvo, Mr. Stroehmann circulated a petition pointing out that Lycoming County’s registered Republicans have seen a significant increase in numbers since 2016, when they were compared with Lycoming County’s Democrats. 2020But, Mr. Biden was able to get more votes than Hillary Clinton. Election This was a suspicious finding by deniers.

“If Republicans GAINED voters and Democrats LOST voters — why did Biden receive 30% MORE votes in the November 2020 election than Hillary Clinton did in 2016?” They were asked to sign the petition.

Mr. Lehman called the The argument is absurd. He stated that voter registration is not a determinant of how someone will vote. In nearly all of Pennsylvania counties, Mr. Biden beat Mrs. Clinton. the 2020 election. Trump increased his vote totals by a further 3% the county at 16 percent

“The voters’ unpredictability — it makes democracy both majestic and messy,” He told the county commissioners that Mr. Lehman was at a Hearing last year. In the end, however, the commission approved. the You can recount the story two to one along party lines.

Election Officials at all levels have been harassed since 2005. 2020When election conspiracists echoed Mr. Trump’s calls for officials, it helped to inspire the “Stop the Steal” movement. Stroehmann called on Rumble to investigate Mr. Lehman’s claims that he was involved in an election conspiracy. “part of the steal.”

“Our director of voter services is playing for the other team,” On behalf of Mr. Stroehmann, the show. “He’s as liberal as the day is long.”

Richard Mirabito a Lycoming County commissioner is a Democrat said there was absolutely no evidence that Mr. Lehman committed any wrongdoing. “He’s held in the highest esteem of integrity,” He stated. “Those kinds of statements undermine the confidence of people in our system.”

Mr. Mirabito voted in opposition the Recall was overruled the Two Republicans are on the board. Scott L. Metzger, a Republican the The chair the County commission also signed for Mr. Lehman. “He’s done an outstanding job,’’ he said.

After the 2022 midterms, requests for recounts in Pennsylvania races that were not close inundated counties, delaying the certification of some results. In Arizona and New Mexico, rural county commissions held up certifying primary or general election results last year.

Across the country, a wave of Trump-backed election conspiracists who ran for statewide offices with control over voting lost their races. But some election deniers won races at the local level, where pressure by activists on officials has a better chance of yielding results.

Mr. Metzger — one of the two Republicans on the commission who approved the recount — said that he voted for it after thousands of people signed petitions, and others approached him on the street saying they didn’t want to vote because they distrusted the system. Now that the recount matched what voting tabulator machines showed in 2020 and that there was no evidence of fraud, Mr. Metzger said, it was time to move on.

“As far as I’m concerned, I’m done with it,” He stated.

Before the The commissioners were elected the Remember, Ms. DiSalvo & Mr. Stroehmann delivered the These are the results they call a Some county residents were canvassed door to door. Audit Volunteers conducted the canvassing. the Vote PA, a Undertaking group was founded 2021 the False belief that Donald Trump won Pennsylvania.

The canvassers claim to have discovered multiple “anomalies,” Included votes tabulated by people living in nursing homes, who didn’t recall voting. Also included were people who stated they had voted but there wasn’t any record.

He said that he dealt with each case individually with his staff. Residents in nursing homes: the Election office pulled records showing that they had returned a Send a ballot to them with their signature the envelope. He stated that the canvass lacked rigor. a Face-to-face interviews when in fact they had never done so.

Election The deniers are not going to stop. They’ve requested documents in large quantities that they feel will prove fraud.

“We’ve received a series of crazy records requests,” Mr. Lehman said. “You can quote me. They are insane.”

Election For every application, deniers requested copies. a Mail ballot. Mr. Lehman’s staff had to redact every personal data. They want copies of each ballot that was cast. Election Day 2020They went to court to get digital data. the Voting machines are available at all of the 81 County precincts

Both sides had observers, the Hand recount: Ms. DiSalvo asked questions the The process was overseen by Mr. Lehman the Add up to the recounted votes.

“We asked to see the tally sheets before the final processing and were denied,” According to Ms. DiSalvo, she was referring the The paperwork that was used by the ballot counters. Elle added that she had spoken to the election director. a “vested interest in making sure the numbers aligned.”

Her group filed a For right-to know requests the Hand-count the tally sheets

Mr. Lehman, a Two iconic photos of Harry S. Truman, former Eagle Scout teacher, are displayed in his office. One is Harry S. Truman, 1948. the Most famously, incorrect “Dewey Defeats Truman” newspaper headline. Lyndon Johnson is also seen in the other headlines. the Air Force One, 1963: Oath of Office the Kennedy assassinated.

“They’re both transitions of power,” Mr. Lehman said. “One is comic, the other tragic. We’ve managed to process them both as a country. I don’t know which category to put 2020 in. We need to get back to a place where we can process the outcomes of elections in a constructive, healthy way.”