Storm system that tore through Mississippi Alabama, which resulted in at least 26 deaths and left many others homeless. in The Mississippi Rolling Fork is digging through rubble

It was a tornado with strong winds in Over 165 mph. As most people were home, the tornado struck Rolling Fork Friday night. As daylight broke, it became apparent how devastating the damage had been.

Photographers on the ground captured scenes of storm’s aftermath.

The Tornado relief efforts were continued at a nearby church in Rolling Fork Miss.

Lisa Robinson went back to her home that was destroyed in Wren, Miss. to search for medicines and salvage clothing.

Damage to Geneva Gates’s home in Wren.

The residents continued to retrieve their possessions from their homes in Rolling Fork

Debra Morris, outside the remnants of her home. in Rolling Fork

Remains of an old home in Rolling Fork (Miss.), a small town with around 2,000 residents

Chuck’s Dairy Bar in Rolling Fork in Miss. after the tornado struck the town.

Wonder Bolden with her 1-year old granddaughter, Journey Bolden in Rolling Fork Miss.

The remains of a car and a house in Rolling Fork Miss.

Cedric Miles scanned his belongings in his home that was destroyed in Rolling Fork Miss.

The view of Rolling Fork from a window inside Mr. Miles’s home.

Residents sought refuge in a temporary clinic and relief centre. in Rolling Fork Miss.

Hunting for trophies in a home that has been destroyed in Rolling Fork Miss.

The armory in Rolling Fork serves as the hub for supplies that come into town. For those who have lost their home, there are between 250-300 cots.

Greyson Kelley is 4, outside of his home in Rolling Fork Miss.

Anthony Gilbert (center) pushing Lollie Whiting’s oxygen tank, left, among the debris piles in Rolling Fork Miss.

The winds ravaged a store in Rolling Fork Miss.

Snapped branches covered a sheriff’s vehicle in Rolling Fork Miss.

A home is nothing more than broken bricks or splintered timber. in Rolling Fork Miss.