WASHINGTON: In What would seem like a reverse, is the Biden administration poised to approve Envoy M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine, US Officials said Tuesday that international resistance was the reason for this reluctance to Please send tanks to The battlefront against Russia begins to erode. A decision to You can send more than 30, tanks It could happen as quickly as Wednesday but it may take several months. for The tanks to be delivered.
US Officials said that details were still being worked out. According to one official, the tanks Would be purchased under an upcoming Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative package provides long-term financing for Weapons and other equipment to Be purchased through commercial sellers
The US It is anticipated that the announcement will be made in conjunction with a German announcement. approve Poland’s request to transfer German-made Leopard 2 tanks to UkraineAccording to to One official. Because the decision is not yet public, officials spoke under condition of anonymity.
Accepting to Please send this Abrams The administration will be able to provide assistance at an unspecified date under the aid initiative. to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will meet your demand for A commitment by the United States without being able to demonstrate it to Please send this tanks immediately.
A separate program that draws on Pentagon stock has provided much of the assistance sent in the eleven-month-old war. to Get weapons faster to Ukraine. However, even with this program it could take many months. to get tanks to Ukraine And to Ukraine forces to train on them. It was not clear when this would happen Tuesday. US The training of Ukrainian soldiers will begin on the Abrams They can be there in about a week. to The Battlefront
The following are the highlights from the US It has refused to provide its own M1 Abrams tanks to UkraineThe high-tech vehicles require complex maintenance, as well as logistical problems. Washington feels it would increase productivity to German Leopards are available to allies, and Ukrainian troops could be sent as they would require less training than the more challenging. Abrams.
Last week, the Under Secretary for Defense was for Colin Kahl, Policy Manager at Policy International told reporters that Abrams This is an expensive, complex, and challenging process. to Continue to work hard to Train on a piece of equipment. One thing Defense Secretary Lloyd ustin has been very focused on, he said, “is that we should not be providing the Ukrainians systems they can’t repair, they can’t sustain, and that they, over the long term, can’t afford, because it’s not helpful.”
A US official familiar with White House thinking said the administration’s initial hesitancy was based on concerns about the requisite training and the sustainment of the tanks. According to the official, although such plans may be in place now, it might take some time. to These should be implemented.
Pentagon spokesperson Brig Gen Pat Ryder stated that he did not have any information to Announce on Any US decision regarding Abrams tanks. However, he stated that “anytime that we’ve provided Ukraine with a type of system, we’ve provided the training and sustainment capabilities with that.”
This administration’s decision to reverse course comes days after more than 50 top defense officials from Europe and the rest of the world met in Germany. to Discuss Ukraine’s war needs, and battle tanks These topics were of prime importance.
Ukrainian leaders are urgently asking for this. tanksHowever, Germany was able to withstand mounting pressure. to It can supply it own tanks Clear the path for Poland is another country. to The German-made products can be sent tanks from their own stock. Dmitry Peskov (Kremlin spokesperson) said that the Russian deployment of Western tanks It would be a trigger “unambiguously negative” consequences.
Leaders of defense from countries which have Leopard 2 tanks In an effort to make it easier for the Germans, I met them at the Ramstein Air Base Friday Conference. to We will reach an agreement.
On Sunday, Berlin indicated it wouldn’t stand in the way if other countries wanted to The Leopard 2 can be sent tanks to Kyiv. Germany requires to You agree for The tanks to be made to UkraineIt is not part of NATO.
US German and German officials are not clear on the question of whether they will be able to cooperate. US German and German decisions have a lot in common. Berlin’s hesitation is an example of this. to It is possible to send it tanks If the US Sent Abrams.
Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak announced Tuesday that Poland officially sought permission from Germany to Transfer its Leopard 2 battle tanks to Ukraine.
German officials confirm to The dpa news agency said they received the application, and would assess it “with due urgency.” German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said Sunday that Berlin wouldn’t seek to Poland cannot provide high-tech armour. to Kyiv.
German officials decline to Comment on reports about a tank deal. Der Spiegel, a news magazine, reported Tuesday that Germany would provide. Ukraine At least one Leopard 2 company tanks from its own army’s stock. One company consists of 15 tanks.
Scholz has been due to Deliver an address to Tuesday’s session of parliament was for lawmakers to field questions. Many have been pushing the government. to Join forces to provide the best tanks to Ukraine.
The legislation has also been pushed by Congress members. US to Increase the assistance to Ukraine.
Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell stated Tuesday “it’s time, past time” for Biden and his allies to More military assistance to UkraineIt is the US You must do more tanks Waffen to Help Ukraine “win this war.”
“It’s time, past time, for the Biden administration and our allies to get serious about helping Ukraine finish the job and retake their country.”
These are the likely plans to Please send this Abrams The Wall Street Journal reported them first.