The following are some examples Indiana University Student was attacked in While riding on a bus, the head in Bloomington, Indiana, Wednesday in Officials described it as an unprovoked attack. “racially motivated incident.”

A student of 18 years, a woman not identified publicly, was waiting to be called. Bloomington Transit bus’s doors to open at 4:45 p.m. when she was stabbed in The Bloomington Police Department stated that the officer had been in the same position several times. in You can find more information at statement This Thursday

Police said that Billie R. Davis of Bloomington was a passenger on the bus and helped police to detain him after the attack.

According to court records, Ms. Davis was arrested for attempted murder, battery with a deadly instrument, and aggravated battery. According to police, video from the bus confirmed that Davis and her victim did not interact before the attack.

The student was taken into hospital. The student’s condition was not known on Sunday. A request to comment was not received by the university immediately.

Gov. Eric Holcomb Indiana signed in 2019 a hate crime law For crimes motivated by bias or because of race, the sentences are longer. However, it is not known if this could be used. in The case against Ms. Davis.

Bloomington Police Department, and Ms. Davis’ lawyers, did not reply to Sunday’s requests for comment.

Mayor John Hamilton from Bloomington in You can find more information at statement The stabbing occurred at a “brutal attack.”

“This behavior is not acceptable and will be dealt with accordingly,” Hamilton claimed. “We know when a racially motivated incident like this resonates throughout the community, it can leave us feeling less safe. We stand with the Asian community and all who feel threatened by this event.”

James C. Wimbush was vice president for diversity, equity and multicultural affairs Indiana University” in You can find more information at statement Friday was the anniversary of the terrorist attack. “that anti-Asian hate is real and can have painful impacts on individuals and our community.”

“No one should face harassment or violence due to their background, ethnicity or heritage,” He said. “To our Asian and Asian American friends, colleagues, students, and neighbors, we stand firmly with you.”

Attack in Bloomington is a rising city in Hate crimes against Asians are on the rise. This is a growing trend in Attacks prompted federal legislators to adopt the legislation last year Covid-19 Hate Crimes ActThe law gave both government officials and law enforcement personnel more power and resources to prevent, track, and deal with such criminal acts.

The Indiana University Asian Culture Center on campus is a resource organisation. in You can find more information at statement On Friday, it was “outraged and heartbroken by this unprovoked act of violence.”

“We also worry for the well-being of our community,” According to the center, “We should not be fearing our lives on public transportation. Taking the bus should not feel dangerous.”

According to the center, Wednesday’s stabbing sent a message. “a jolt through our Asian community.”

“But it is becoming a familiar jolt,” The center cited two additional attacks against Asians in The Bloomington region.

In 2016, Yue Zhang of Nashville, Indiana, was attacked A white man was carrying a hatchet and claimed he did it because he “hated these people,” According to the center, In 1999, Won-Joon Yoon was fatally shot by a white male, who was an “avowed white supremacist,” The center states that the outside is not permitted in a church.