Joko Widodo, President of Indonesian said Monday that he supports Plan to scale back The presence troops in The eastern region of Papua, where the country’s military has been accused of human rights abuses in A long-running movement for independence is being addressed.

Jokowi was elected as the president It is well-known, “the reduction of military troops in Papua is good, but we need to continue to be stern,” After appointing a chief of the armed forces.

He stated that rebel armies will not cease if they are prevented. to There are many opportunities to operate. “the problem will never end”.

The extent of the military presence and when it was to be established were not clear in Papua Would be scaled back.

Indonesia’s easternmost region of Papua There has been a long-standing separatist movement that has intensified. in In recent years. A strong military presence is maintained in The region is poor and activist groups have accused it of human rights violations, which it refutes.

Andika Perkasa was a former chief of the military. in A 2021 plan is proposed “humanistic approach” in Papua It emphasizes the importance of communicating with rebel groups. to Antara, the state news agency.

If asked, whether troops in Papua Yudo Margono, the newly installed military chief, stated to reporters that his authority would be reduced. to Papua The situation was evaluated before taking a decision. However, I did not give details.

The Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict is a Jakarta-based research organization. in This year’s report shows an increase in violence related to insurgency. in Papua The average incident rate for 2010 was 11, compared to the previous year’s 11 incidents. to 2017 to 52 incidents per year between 2018-2021