KATHMANDU – The treacherous Terrain along the banks of Seti River hampered Initial rescue efforts Local villagers rushed to rescue the 72 passengers crashed An eyewitness claimed that a Nepalese passenger aircraft crashed into a building in the country’s capital. At most 68 persons were killed in the crash. Yeti Airlines passenger plane for 72, with five people. Indians, crashed Officials said that the officials had seen the pilot fall into a river canyon while landing at Pokhara’s newly opened airport in central Nepal on Sunday.
Arun TamuLocal resident, who lived near the crash site, recounts the sequence of events that followed the recent aviation catastrophe in Nepal.
“We heard a loud sound, and when we rushed to the scene (of the crash), we were the only people from the village. It took some time for the police to arrive at the scene, even as we began our rescue efforts,” MyRepublica quoted Tamu as saying.
Tamu stated that he, along with the other villagers tried initially to put out the flames by getting buckets filled with water.
“We also took out 10-12 people, two of them seemed to be short of breath,” According to the report, he said these words.
It rescue efforts were hampered because The airplane Had crashed On treacherous Tamu recalled that the terrain was on the banks the Seti River making it hard for the villager to get near the scene of the accident.
“It was difficult to go to the place where the plane had crashed,” He said.
“We are not likely to jump into the fire either. Also, there is risk of being swept away by water as the plane had fallen on the bank of the Seti River. There was an overgrown bush, and we were afraid that we would fall in the gorge while trying to rescue people,” He explained.
Tamu acknowledged that rescue efforts They were only increased after police arrived.
Yeti Airlines’ 9N-ANC ATR-72 ATR-72 plane took off at Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu, at 10.33 AM. crashed The new and old airports are located along the Seti River banks, according to Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN).
The aircraft carried 68 passengers, as well as four crew members.
Five Indians and four Russians were among the foreign nationals aboard this plane. Two Koreans, an Australian as well as an Argentine, French, French, and Israeli passengers.
So far, there is not much information on any survivor. Sudarshan BattaulaYeti Airlines spokesperson.
Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal After the crash, Dahal Prachanda called an emergency Council of Ministers meeting.
To investigate the cause of Sunday’s plane crash, the Nepal government created a five-member inquiry commission.