One of Apple’s key iPhone Suppliers are paying workers to It is time to quit and go home when it fails to Operate during worker unrest COVID lockdowns.

Staff notice Foxconn It stated that it would give a 8,000 yuan (1,100) bonus to newly hired employees at its Zhengzhou plant. to They must resign immediately. An additional 2,000 yuan ($300), if they board a bus home, will be added to their salary. to Their hometown is reported by the South China Morning Post. The bonus is more than a month’s wages for Foxconn workersAccording to Bloomberg

“Some employees are still concerned about the coronavirus and hope to quit and return home,” Foxconn it in its notice. “deeply understands the concerns” The following are some of its workers. 

FoxconnHon Hai Precision Industry is the official name of the company. They did not respond immediately. to Send a comment request

Hours after reports of violent protests in the area, the notice came. Foxconn’s Zhengzhou factory, which employs as many as 300,000 people. Workers walked out of their dormitories Wednesday morning, angry at the unpaid wages and worried about the spread COVID. Workers clashed against security personnel and anti-riot officers to Restore order. 

Foxconn Protests were confirmed to have taken place in a statement Wednesday denied COVID-positive workers They stayed in the dormitories.

COVID Lockdowns

Zhengzhou officials announced on Wednesday that the city’s urban areas would be sent into lockdown From Friday to Nov. 29. The city—sometimes called “iPhone City” due to its key position in Apple’s supply chain—reported almost 1,000 cases on Wednesday.

Foxconn enacted COVID controls In late October, this includes forcibly workers to You can eat in your dormitories. to Stop a growing epidemic Soon after Foxconn These controls were imposed and videos appeared on Chinese social media. workers Fleeing the factory, jumping over fences, and riding on cars passing by.

The exodus of workers pushed Foxconn to Turn to The government is available for assistance. Workers who fled Foxconn’s factory told the South China Morning Post The company had encouraged them to call local village officials, who had called them on their behalf. to Return to work. 

Apple warned earlier this month That iPhone Production would be lower than anticipated going into the holiday period due to this fact to It caused disruption in its factories. According to state media, Foxconn As many as 100,000 new workers to You can restore all operations.

China is fighting COVID As cases rise, there are outbreaks all over the country. to They reached their highest point this past year. exceeding the previous record set in April during Shanghai’s punishing two-month lockdown. On Wednesday, there were 29,754 cases in the country. 

The widespread outbreaks are a new test of China’s “COVID-zero” policy that uses mass testing and lockdowns to To completely stop outbreaks. These tough measures are blamed for dragging down China’s economy, with both retail sales and factory activity falling over the past month. Nomura economists estimate that areas responsible for one-fifth This is China’s GDP are now under some form of lockdown. 

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