One of them shouted at them, telling them to turn around. When they did, the group opened fired on their vehicle. According to Ms. Molaei’s account, Kian died from a bullet wound to the lungs. His father was also injured and is currently in hospital. videos Posted on social media.

“They riddled our car with bullets,” Ms. Molaei said that she had opened her door to shout at the men. “Don’t shoot! We are a family with kids!”

After her son was killed, Ms. Molaei said the family took his body straight home, fearing that turning him over to the morgue could result in the security forces’ stealing his body and secretly burying it. At least one case in which officials have been charged with this is the September killing of Nika Shaharami, 16.

Ms. Molaei said she borrowed blocks of ice from neighbors, and covered the boy’s body with it after laying him out on the carpet. Photos of Kian, and videos of his mother’s account of desperately trying to protect his body for a funeral, went viral and struck a nerve with many Iranians.

The widely circulated accounts of Kian’s life and death — including home videos showing him planting a tree, and dedicating the test run of a small boat he had built For the school science fair “in the name of the God of rainbows” — drew several prominent Iranian Celebrities and athletes condemn the government’s murder of children and show solidarity with them Iranian people.

Mahtab KeramatiA well-known actress, who was UNICEF’s ambassador in Iran, announced in a post that she would be resigning. as It was obvious that Iran could not protect children.

Pooyan Fakhraei (political activist) is another prominent figure in Iran. He tweeted: “Why don’t you understand that your problem isn’t the protesters in the streets, it’s the masses who agree with them? It’s the growing defections within your own loyal constituents?”