The Sunday Review

Israel and Sudan Have completed the text of You can find more information at peace Agreement to be signed “later this year,” Israeli On Thursday, Eli Cohen was announced as the Foreign Minister.

After returning from visiting Israel, we spoke of our feelings upon returning to Tel Aviv. Sudan’s capital Khartoum, Cohen said the trip was made with the consent of United States and Washington is the expected location for a signing ceremony “after the transfer of power in Sudan to a civilian government that will be established as part of the ongoing transition process in the country.”

Cohen highlighted the symbolism of You can find more information at peace deal between Israel and Khartoum announces the breakthrough.

“Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, is remembered in Israel as the city where the Arab countries decided on the historic ‘Three Nos’: no peace with Israel, no negotiations with Israel, and no recognition of Israel. We are building a new reality with the Sudanese, in which the ‘Three Nos’ will become the ‘Three Yesses’: yes to negotiations between Israel and Sudan, yes to recognition of Israel and yes to peace between the states and between the peoples,” He said.

Sudan Was part of The original Abraham Accord Normalization Agreements were signed between Israel and Bahrain and the UAE and Morocco was represented by the Administration of Donald Trump, former US president. However, he was forced to resign following a coup d’état. Sudan In October 2021 will come the last steps of The negotiations with Khartoum were stopped.

Cohen met the leader during the visit of Sudan’s ruling Sovereign Council, General Abdel Fatah al-Burhan, and Meet with high-ranking officials and Discussed with them how to get there. of The peace An agreement between Israel and Sudan The Foreign Ministry stated that the move would be made in the very near future.

At a Thursday press conference, he said that the trip to Sudan laid “the foundations for a historic peace agreement with a strategic Arab and Muslim country. The peace agreement between Israel and Sudan will promote regional stability and contribute to the national security of the State of Israel.”

The signing was expected to take place, he said. “serve as an opportunity for the establishment of relations with other countries in Africa as well as the strengthening of existing ties with African countries. The relationship of African countries with Israel is a common interest both for us and for the countries of the continent.”