JERUSALEM Israeli court Monday was ruled that former Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert defamed his successor, Benjamin NetanyahuThe judge ordered him to pay damages for the former Leader and his family
The only participant in the high-profile, public defamation suit began earlier this year. Israeli The longest serving leader of the country was the prime minister to be sent to prison.
Netanyahu sued Olmert For remarks he made after several inconclusive elections in 2021. The time was: Netanyahu While being tried for corruption, he refused to resign.
The Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court has been dismissed Olmert’s claim that he was “expressing an opinion in good faith” Say it! Netanyahu Exhibited “crazy behavior” and that his wife and son suffered from “mental illness.”
The court That was the ruling OlmertComments by’s DemocraTV April 2021: Defamation of Character and Ordered former Prime Minister to Pay Damages of $18,000 Netanyahu and his family, as also legal costs. Olmert The decision can be appealed.