The Sunday Review

Israeli forces On Sunday, they raided Jenin in West Bank. killing You can find more information at 14-year-old The boy! Palestinian Ministry of Health. According to the ministry, Qusai Rahwan Waked was shot in her abdomen.

The objective of raid Jibril Zurbeidi was taken into custody Israeli And Palestinian authorities said.

The Israel Security Agency, Border Police, and Israel Defense Forces jointly stated that the incident occurred during raid, “armed individuals fired at The forces who responded back with live fire… Furthermore, suspects hurled explosive devices and rocks at the forces.

“We are aware of the reports regarding a number of armed individuals who got injured during the exchange of fire,” the Israeli statement.

Video from Jenin Sunday revealed at most seven Israeli Military vehicles were seen entering the city. Another showed smoke coming from behind a building of multiple stories. Locals claimed that the Israeli forces Had used a smoke bomb in the course of the raid.

Zubeidi was suspected to be involved in a gang. “terrorist activity against security forces and planning attacks,” and also participation in the short seizure the body Israeli According to Israelis, a Druze man was injured in a West Bank car accident that occurred in November.

Tiran Ferro was the body taken by Jenin gunmen to a hospital demanding that the remains of Palestinians who were killed by Israelis be returned. The body was handed to the gunmen. Palestinian Security for authority officials The following day. The IDF said there had been no negotiations and no exchange for Ferro’s remains.

Zubeidi served previously 11 years in an Israeli Prison, The Official Palestinian WAFA news agency reported. Dawoud was one of his brothers who was shot to death by WAFA. Israeli forces Last year was Zakariya, a Fatah official, who is also in Israel.