JERUSALEM: Israeli Security forces A small number of Jewish settlers were evicted from an outpost built by them hours earlier on Friday. in The occupied West Bank, upsetting pro-settlement members of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government.
Photographs taken by the newspaper show that the group constructed several temporary structures on a rock field close to a larger Jewish settlement. Israeli media. Over the years, similar outposts were built and taken down many times.
There were no injuries or violence between the security guards and the settlers. However, Friday’s expulsion was an important test for Netanyahu’s newly elected government. governmentThe governing body, including senior ministers of the extreme right, was inaugurated about one month ago.
Netanyahu’s Likud conservative party is represented at the Defence Ministry. It runs the organization that coordinates policies. in The West BankIt ceded some settlement policymaking power to Bezalel, a hardline politician.
Smotrich had on Friday instructed the coordination policy authority not to follow his instructions. remove The outpost would remain closed until the conclusion of a meeting next week according to an official statement.
According to the statement, Yoav Galant, defense minister, ordered its removal regardless. “completely contradicting the coalition agreements that form the basis for the government’s existence.”
Netanyahu made his own declaration afterward, stating that “the government supports settlement but only when it is done legally and is coordinated in advance with the prime minister and security officials, which was not done in this case.”
Many countries consider settlements built by Israel on land that was captured to be illegal. in A 1967 war was deemed illegal. Their expansion is a barrier to peace since they are occupying land that the Palestinians have claimed for their future state.
Israel disagrees with this assertion and points out biblical, historic and political links. West BankAs well as security concerns.
Prior to the demolition of the outpost by the Palestinian Foreign Ministry, it had decried its construction, calling it “a terrorist attack on Palestinian society”. “a flagrant challenge to international and US requests that Israel’s unilateral and illegal measures must end.”
According to Palestinian witnesses, there were minor clashes at the site with stones being thrown between Jewish settlers from nearby villages and Palestinians living in the area.