Jackie Goldschneider Claim Danielle Cabral Their friendship was never given a fair chance.

The following are the Real Housewives of New Jersey Cast reflected on all the questions that surround Danielle And her drama with her estranged brothers. Jackie suspected she’d been stereotyped by Danielle As Margaret JosephsAnd Jennifer Fessler Confessed to doubts Danielle’s story.

“I actually wanted to see if I could have a friendship with Danielle. I really actually wanted her to look at me through a different lens, and there was never any chance of that,” Jackie This was stated in the episode of April 4, 2005. RHONJ: After Show.

“I think that unfortunately, Danielle had already stereotyped me into the person she wanted me to be and I think that most of us called her out on the brother story and she took it all out on me,” Jackie continued.

Based on JackieShe believes in the idea of if Danielle Had she answered her questions calmly about her brother’s family, then no one would have doubted her.

Meanwhile, Margaret believes Danielle He is in conflict with the truth.

“No one believes her. I mean, this girl can’t face anything, the truth, any questioning, she’s a little immature, truthfully, and overly sensitive,” She stated.

Then comes the after. Rachel Fuda Danielle’s theatrics were “literally laughable,” Danielle She explained it all.

“I’m out of my element in these situations. I’m not used to all this sh-t that’s going down. [Jennifer Aydin]’s the comeback queen … I’m not. I’m not very good at coming back to kill somebody. I take it in,” She shared. “So, when you come at me, and you do things that make me feel a certain way, it processes in my head first.”

As Danielle revealed, she’s “not good with her words.”

“I gotta process it. And then I come back at you. I wish I was like [Jennifer] in that aspect. I’m not good with my words. I like to knock people out,” She admitted.

Look back on the present. Danielle Rachel was called a “bitch,” Melissa Gorga It felt good. “dramatic” And she suspected that she was “looking for a fight.”

Danielle You may have also been searching for Fighting with Jackie.

“She said something to me, something very very hurtful in response, like, ‘You’ve never had a relationship with your sister so you don’t know,’” Jackie recalled. “And in that moment I was like, ‘Okay, well, thank you because I’ll never waste another f-cking second trying to be your friend.’”

Jackie Continued, ” “nobody is closer to their sibling than [she is] to [her] brother.”

“Nobody protects their sibling or loves their sibling the way I do my brother. So I do know a thing about loving your sibling,” She insisted. “[And] I’m not gonna be sorry for being the bigger person or for trying. She showed me who she is, and I think the universe will do its thing.”

After you have told Jackie That Danielle shouldn’t have said that, Jennifer Fessler confessed to thinking that Danielle wasn’t telling the whole story.

“[And] if you are that desperate to get back with your brother, this — and I know Danielle’s smart enough to know — this ain’t the way to do it,” She pointed out that Jackie Made amends with her brother, she said “clearly” It is not Danielle’s “priority.”

As well as other locations, Teresa Giudice Danielle’s issues with her brother were “none of [her business],” Dolores Catania Cast members claimed that the casting was “should not question” She shared her story.

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