Jacqueline Laurita appeared on the old Real Housewives of New Jersey Produce Carlos King‘s podcast on Monday, where she offered an update on Caroline Manzo.

Weeks after Caroline According to reports, he was touched in an unsuitable manner. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Alum Brandi Glanville The set of Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip Season 4 Jacqueline Her sister-in law is admitted to being “not well” Before opening up on the method in which Melissa Gorga Kathy Wakile joined RHONJ Looking back at her lunch date Teresa Giudice Luis Ruelas.

“I actually just reached out to her,” Jacqueline confirmed on the February 20 episode of Reality With The King. “I reached out to her when stuff happened with Brandi. I know there’s a lot she can’t talk about right now.”

Carlos asked how to make it happen. Caroline Brandi’s alleged encounter led to Brandi being sent home before she was supposed to return. Jacqueline revealed Caroline Is “not well.”

“It was very traumatizing,” Jacqueline stated. “I didn’t push it too much. I just wanted to know she was okay because originally … I thought she like beat her up or something happened … I think it’s been hard for her.”

Let’s move on to the endless story of Melissa joining RHONJ, Jacqueline said she didn’t know that Melissa had allegedly reached out to producers but found out later that she had contacted Danielle Staub Please tell her “stuff.”

“I remember Melissa was scared about that at one point. She didn’t want Danielle to come out with what she had said to her and she didn’t tell me what she said to her but I can imagine what it all was,” Jacqueline stated.

Based on Jacqueline, she believes producers were intrigued by Teresa being so anti-Melissa, especially after seeing the sisters-in-law feud on Facebook over sprinkle cookies and hearing Teresa tell her castmates not to film with her.

“Teresa always used to say while we were mic’d, ‘Don’t talk to Melissa. She just wants her face on camera.’ She knew what Melissa was about so she didn’t want her being noticed and on camera,” Jacqueline explained.

Melissa got the job, despite her best efforts.

“It was about a week before filming when [Teresa] found out … I remember the Christening was going to be the first scene they filmed. So Teresa was like ‘I’m not doing the show. I’m not filming with them,’” Jacqueline recalled. “She was so against it.”

But Jacqueline Teresa advised Joe to get back at Melissa and Joe before the filming started. RHONJ season three, Teresa didn’t do so. As she waited for her contract to be signed, Teresa decided that she would act as if nothing had happened.

“She kinda thought, ‘I’m just gonna act like nothing’s wrong on camera,’ and she went over to put her arms around them like, ‘Hey guys,’ and then they were like, ’Now you’re being nice to us?’” Elle revealed. “They called her out on camera. If they wanted to come on the show and be peaceful, why do that?”

Look back Jacqueline said Melissa and Joe were adamant about not wanting to hurt Teresa — all while they played victim to her.

“They had a lot of stories about how Teresa treated them and a lot of things … I think they were upset that they weren’t included on her show when she was on the show and so now they’re like, ‘We’re gonna get on our own way,’” She suspected.

Kathy also joined the cast simultaneously, Jacqueline She defended her actions, saying she didn’t intend to shock Teresa with her new addition.

“[Kathy] didn’t say anything at first to Teresa because she didn’t even know if they were gonna pick her and she didn’t want to go through the whole interview process and then not get on it and have to be like, ‘They didn’t pick me to be on your show,’” Jacqueline explained. “She was gonna tell Teresa but then she had gone away first. They were trying to decide, ‘Are we really doing this?’ And then when she got back, Teresa had already found out.”

Many years later, after all the turmoil and drama that surrounded season 3, Jacqueline Enjoyed a lunch date at the restaurant with Teresa, a former castmate, whom she partially credits to her success in finding work. Andy Cohen.

“Andy Cohen kept bringing up my name on Watch What Happens Live like with Teresa, ‘I think it’s time to end that war,’ and he would say little things like, bringing me up and I heard her in a few different things where she was saying like, she would talk to me,” Jacqueline revealed. “I knew it was there but I didn’t want to reach out because I didn’t want to get back into that world.”

Then again, one day. Jacqueline Teresa texted me when she arrived in Las Vegas to inform me that she was going to be there and I should get to know her.

“She was like, ‘You can bring Chris. I’m gonna have Luis.’ I sat up and I like, had to look at it again. I was in such shock and I showed Chris. I’m like, ‘Teresa wants to meet for coffee. What do you think?’ And Chris was like, ‘You should sit down. It’s been a long time. I think you should sit down and talk, hear her out. See what she has to say,’” Jacqueline shared. “And so we agreed to meet with her.”

“I was excited to see her and it was just weird when I saw her … We literally almost, it was almost like running towards each other to hug each other. And we just started talking like no time had passed and we didn’t even really address the old issues,” Elle continued. “We were just catching each other up on everything.”

Although many believed that Jacqueline’s reconciliation with Teresa was prompted by the negative comments Jacqueline Melissa was publicly mentioned. Jacqueline It was confirmed that it wasn’t “another motive.”

“[Teresa] was very genuine and just so sweet,” Teresa insisted. “We both kinda just said, during the time of the show, we were both going through things in our lives that was very stressful. We had a lot of pressure being on the show, not only from producers but people in our ears from people on the cast, or outside influences and stuff, so when you have a lot of people in your ears and you’re under a lot of stress and things are happening on the show, you don’t really know who to trust. It’s very hard to make up and maintain a friendship on a show like that.”

And although she and Teresa didn’t leave off in the best place on RHONJ, Jacqueline Teresa’s recent meeting with her was a revelation. “very different” She is different from the images that her fans see of her.

“She was much more humbled, very sweet, her demeanor was very different. She reminded me of the old Teresa,” Jacqueline noted. “I was very happy to see her. We picked up like no time had passed and [were] just laughing, talking, [and] catching up. Gabriella called … so I got to see her. It was just really nice.”

Concerning her feelings about Luis, Jacqueline said that while she’d “heard things” about him from other people prior to meeting him, she found him to be the “nicest person.”

“He was very caring and upbeat and positive. He was like, ’Teresa’s been wanting to reach out to you for a long time and I’m glad she did it’ so that made me happy,” Elle revealed.

Jacqueline It was then pointed out that although she and Teresa had been married many times, she still believes in each other. “this time is for good.”

Jacqueline Laurita was featured in the seven first seasons of The Real Housewives of New JerseyAlthough her role in season 6 was the one of an actor, “friend.”