The name of your James Webb Space Telescope Will not be Changed following You can find more information at NASA investigation Indicted for alleged wrongdoing by former administrator after whom the $10 Billion space observatory is named.

James Webb He was a high ranking official at NASA and the State Department when LGBTQI+ workers were expelled and fired. However, the agency stated that it had rehired them. investigation It was found that Webb The actions were not committed by him.

A team of experts examined thousands of documents, correspondence and other materials from the period of American History known as the “Lavender Scare” — the rooting out of homosexuals from the federal workforce that started in the 1940s and continued for decades.

“For decades, discrimination against LGBTQI+ federal employees was not merely tolerated, it was shamefully promoted by federal policies. The Lavender Scare that took place following World War II is a painful part of America’s story and the struggle for LGBTQI+ rights,” NASA Administrator Bill Nelson made the statement in a statement. “After an exhaustive search of U.S. government and Truman library archives, NASA’s historical investigation found, ‘To date, no available evidence directly links Webb to any actions or follow-up related to the firing of individuals for their sexual orientation,’ as stated on page four of the report.”

The investigation wasn’t launched until 2021, despite years of calls by astronomers and other scientists to remove the former NASA administrator’s name from the telescope.

The investigation It was found that Webb NASA did not participate in the discrimination against LGBTQI+ workers.
NASA/Chris Gunn

An historian stated that he had examined two instances in which James Webb He was not able to link cases and found no evidence that the former-government official participated in the firings.

NASA admits the time period was a dark chapter in the government and space agency’s history, but nothing has risen to the level so far to force the change of the telescope’s name and hopes that by releasing the report, it’ll strengthen efforts to confront exclusivity.

“NASA’s core values of equality and inclusivity are in part what makes this agency so great, and we remain committed to ensuring those values are lived out throughout the workplace,” Nelson said.

An image of the Orion Nebula taken by the telescope.
The telescope captured an image of Orion Nebula.

The "Pillars of Creation" taken by the James Webb Space Telescope.
The “Pillars of Creation” Taken by the James Webb Space Telescope.

A photo of Jupiter from the telescope.
Jupiter photographed through the telescope

The telescope is nearing one year in space and has already beamed back stunning images that far surpass the quality of imagery produced by the Hubble and other older telescopes.

The space agency believes Operations of the James Webb Space Telescope Expectations have been exceeded, and the space observatory could easily surpass its 10-year expected lifespan.