TOKYO: The number and gender of babies born in Japan This year’s record is less than the previous year low In what the top government spokesperson described as A “critical situation.”
Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno Promised comprehensive measures to promote more marriages and births.
The January-September total of 599 636 Japanese born was 4.9% less than the previous year. This suggests that the number of Japanese is increasing. births It is possible that 2022’s total record might be lower than last year. low He said that there were 811,000 babies.
Japan It is the third-largest economy in the world but living costs are high and Loomism has been slow to increase wages.
The conservative government has lagging behind in making society more inclusive for women and children. and minorities.
Despite payments for childbirth, pregnancy and other subsidies, the government has not been able to increase the number of babies it wants. and Child care
“The pace is even slower than last year … I understand that it is a critical situation,” Matsuno said.
Many Japanese younger people have balked at Weary commutes and bleak job prospects discourage people from marrying or starting families. and Incompatible corporate cultures with both parents working
The number of births It has been declining since 1973, when it reached its peak. at Around 2.1 Million. It is expected to drop to 740,000 by 2040.
Japan’s population Since 14 years, the number of people living in this country has fallen to less than 125million and It is expected to drop to 86.7 millions by 2060.
A shrinking and Aging population It has major implications for the economic system and National security as The country strengthens its military to resist China’s increasing territorial ambitions.
A government-commissioned panel submitted a report to Prime Minister Fumio Kishida last week citing the low Birth rate and Falling population as Factors that could lead to a decline Japan’s national strength. (AP)