Man accused of murdering Microsoft executive Jared Bridegan in front of his 2-year old daughter was a regular contractor for his ex-wife’s new According to hubby accused killer’s roommate.

Henry Tenon — accused by cops of gunning down the 33-year-old father-of-four — routinely performed work at several rental properties owned by Mario Fernandez was Mario’s former roommate, according to The Post.

Fernandez married Shanna Gardner–Fernandez, who was involved in bitter custody and divorce proceedings with Bridegan since 2016.

Tenon’s former roommate also described Tenon, 61 — a convicted felon — as a quiet and hardworking man who often helped out his ailing father who lived next door before he recently passed away.

“Henry seemed like a quiet guy, up early every morning for work, just doing his thing,” The roommate replied.

“I know he did little jobs for Mario here and there when he asked him to.”

Gardner-Fernandez pictured together new husband, Mario Fernandez.

Shanna Gardner-Fernandez
Gardner-Fernandez traveled to Washington without her husband.

Following Tenon’s August arrest for unrelated offenses, he recalls four separate visits by police to his Jacksonville home.

“They kicked the door down one time,” He stated. “They turned the whole place over. They were looking for a gun, his truck, they took all of his clothes.”

The roommate said he was taken in for questioning and grilled for four hours about any information he had on Tenon’s role in Bridegan’s death.

“I just sat there and told them I have no idea about any of it,” He stated. “Henry would just crash on the couch when he needed a place to stay. That’s all I knew. This has all just been crazy.”

Henry tenon
This week, Henry Tenon was captured.
Jacksonville Beach Police Department

Tenon, according to his roommate, was unusually strong at age and lived with a nearby girlfriend. Each morning, he went to the methadone clinic before heading to work.

Tenon is currently in prison after police found a gun inside of his trunk while he was stopped for speeding.

Tenon was an occasional tenant on a Jacksonville property previously owned by the owner. by Fernandez has been questioned by police as part of an elaborate plot to kill Bridegan, according to Fernandez.

Prosecutors charged him with Bridegan’s murder Wednesday, and said they are still on the hunt for his conspirators. Sources from law enforcement say Fernandez, Gardner-Fernandez and others remain suspects.

Bridegan poses with Kirsten and one of their young daughters.
Bridegan and Kirsten pose with one of their little daughters.
Instagram / @justiceforjaredb

Bridegan had two children with his wife, new Kirsten Bridegan, his wife, was on her way home to drop off their children when he saw a tire in the middle.

Police said that he died immediately upon exiting his car to clear the obstruction.

HIs 2-year-old, Bexley, sat in a carseat for three minutes after witnessing her father’s execution until a passerby discovered the disturbing scene and called police.

Fox News reports that Gardner-Fernandez moved to Richland with her children. Her husband Did not go with her on the cross-country move.