Israel is planning a Gaza invasion after the recent killings and kidnappings of civilians. eliminate HamasThe militant group that is behind the attacks. Hamas’ rule has already caused many Palestinians to struggle, and this will make their situation even worse. The foreign minister from Iran, which supports Hamas. has You should be warned. “no one can guarantee control over the situation and prevent the conflict from spreading” if Israel proceeds. Many worry that Hezbollah – backed by Iran – could attack Israel from north. The U.S. has sent warships As a deterrent, the United States should send troops to the area.

As tensions increase, interview with Jared Kushner Lex Fridman, podcaster, released a new episode on Wednesday has drawn attention. Kushner, the son-in law of Donald Trump’s former president, made him his senior advisor. Middle East policy.

While the interview lasts several hours and covers many areas—including a controversial $2 billion investment that the Saudi government made in Kushner’s private equity fund after he left his White House role—part of it focuses on the potential of the Middle East Should it ever achieve peace, stability and security.

 “The thing that’s held the region back for all these years has just been the conflict and the division,” Kushner has said. 

Last month, there were some glimmers when Israel and Saudi Arabia appeared to be on the verge of a breakthrough agreement. This raised hopes for a lasting and peaceful peace between Israelis, and Palestinians. 

“One of Iran’s worst nightmares is to have Israel and Saudi interlink together,” said Kushner. “It would be a game changer for the region.”

Normalization talks seem to have been ruled out due to the likelihood of violence in Gaza escalating.

Kushner believes—not surprisingly—that the reelection of Trump would help get things back on track in the region. He said that the Trump administration had been able to “project strength” The following are some examples of how to get started: “stop through crushing sanctions” Iran’s financial resources “seeks instability,” Was sending to “terror groups.”

“I do think that the job he did as a foreign policy president was tremendous,” He said. “Under President Biden, this is the second war that’s broken out in the world, and when you have weak leadership, the world becomes a less safe place. My hope and prayers are that President Trump is reelected and that he’s able to then restore calm and peace and prosperity to the world.”

Then, you can get started. Middle EastHe said. “you have young leadership now in Saudi Arabia and UAE and Qatar, and there’s a much more ambitious agenda now for the region to make it an economic superpower and hub of the world.”

He described Israel as “one of the most burgeoning and exciting tech economies in the world, and if you think about it, it’s almost like having a Silicon Valley not connected to California.” 

He added. “I do think that the region has tremendous potential, it’s just been held back by bad policy, bad leadership, bad objectives.”