There is no bond more powerful than the one between a man’s and his wife. . . pig? A Nov. 20 video. Jason Momoa See his latest film. “Slumberland,” Along with his new pet pig. The mini watch party begins with Momoa He sat on his couch, wrapped in blankets, and the little black porc resting comfortably in his arms. “Pretty cute, huh?” He comments as he watches an animated pig from the film run across the screen. “But not as cute as you.”

Based on Momoa’s Instagram videos He most likely met his four-legged friend at the set of Nov. 6 “Slumberland.” In one of his older posts on the pig Momoa Captioned this clip “this is why i can’t work with animals i want to bring them home,” She described the cute creature as “wild and feral like his pops.” He also shared that he’s still between names, revealing Lau Lau and Manapua to be the top two contenders — both of which are the names of Hawaiian dishes typically containing pork.

There are many other magical themes. “Slumberland” This film is about a little girl who watches her stuffed pig come alive at night. Lau Lau (or Manapua?) might be considered the ultimate movie critic. “That’s her pig, and you’re my pig. ‘Kay?!” Momoa He explains his movie-watching partner to his patient. The film is a series of short films. Momoa He gives his pet snacks to keep him happy, he says. “I usually eat popcorn, but . . . ,” He was constantly exclaiming about his friend’s cuteness and he did so repeatedly. For more adorableness, check out the full video. You can place your bets right now on which name. Momoa you will choose.