Lola Iolani Momoa may be a choreographer. Jason Momoa, her proud father, shared a collection of behind-the scene photos and videos from his Netflix movie. “Slumberland” on InstagramThis includes two videos of Lola teaching Marlow Barkley, his young partner, a dance routine to Dua lipa’s tune. “Don’t Start Now.”

Momoa has difficulty following the steps in the first clip. However, Lola Barkley and Barkley help him to master the moves in his second video. “I love this movie. SLUMBERLAND. nov18 @netflix,” Momoa captioned the post. “My baby girl and @marlowbarkley teaching us a @dualipa dance love u @ryantarran @francishlawrence @mztsummerville the cast and crew. my beautiful team always. and love to toronto aloha j. ps the rest is my trying to hide from marlow so i had enough energy to make this crazy movie. getting old.”

Momoa may think he’s getting old, but he clearly still has moves — even if he does take a little extra coaching to learn the his daughter’s complex choreography. The video is his first. “Game of Thrones” Lola and Marlow quickly run through the routine with ease, leaving actor looking confused as he tries to keep up in costume. However, by the end, he’s spinning and kicking with the best of them — and he even enlists his son, Nakoa-Wolf, to play the song so they can hum along while they dance.

The best thing about all? According to Lola, the routine appeared to have made it into film. Lola spoke to Lola in a Nov. 10, interview. E! News The following are the “Slumberland” Red carpet: The 15-year old revealed that her father was so impressed with her performance, that the scene became a scene in the movie.

“We were there for most of the time,” She spoke. “It was incredible. Me and my friends choreographed a dance routine to ‘Don’t Start Now’ by Dua Lipa and my dad loved the dance so he put it in the movie.”

Momoa must be proud of this accomplishment. Lola’s only 15 and she already choreographed a scene for a Netflix movie — and taught her famous dad a few new dance moves in the process.